Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Well I called and I called and looks like we will wait thru the weekend for EEG results..they do not have the results at this time...nearly a week later...Maybe that is good? maybe its bad?
Tomorrow we head out to the cottage for some Relaxation...
Madie has been quite a pill today...winey winey winey...NO NAPS and winey some more..she has been eating just fine but no naps...Is there an age when kids just stop taking naps? This kid just goes...alllways sitting and sitting. cries when I lay her down and gets right up to her sit.
This mama is tired!
Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the weather..(hopefully not too hot for the texans..)
Send a big congrats to Cami's mom who has welcomed a baby girl!! (I hope I did not steal her blog Im so excited for her!!
Hugs mamas.


Holli said...

Hey, it's actually pretty mild down here in Texas right now! I wake with it in the 70s, even low humidity...feels almost like fall!

What's up with the EEG? Don't they know us mamas get impatient about EEGs??

Have a great holiday weekend!

Heather said...

Enjoy your weekend and I hope come Tuesday morning that the results will be waiting for you.As for naps ... 6 kids and 5 of them gave up naps by 2!And Miss Zoey ... who says she is not typical ... the child is fighting me everyday now,going down for a nap!