Monday, September 7, 2009

To say the beach was not a wonderful place this weekend would be an understatement! We stayed on the beach this afternoon with grandma for at least an hour. The wind was whipping everything everywhere and the few kids we saw were all saying to their parents that they were chilly but kept on swimming in that water! A couple of boys actually took their wagon into the waves..capsizing it and laughing and trying to get each one of them inside with no I just had to laugh.

Weather was PERFECT! Hubby was complaining that he was not feeling well on Saturday but I kinda just disregarded his complaints and said WE ARE GOING! and I am glad we did!
Night one was rough stuff...madison would just NOT sleep...she was either wining of just happily sitting in her porta crib...we got no sleep.

CONSTIPATION is an understatement for madie lately...trying to push her poopy out and crying with still a clean diaper....
Came home today and gave her some Karo Syrup in her bah bah and so far in the past 3 hours we have had 3 hard poops...she screams and poops...poor baby...hopefully she is done after number 3...with the number 2's....huh huh..
I think maybe some of her wining was due to tummy troubles..gotta start getting those Pears down the tum tum and get some prune juicer mixed in with that pediasure! MAN it stunk!! In more ways that one!!

SO a new week we embark on...OT tomorrow AM and I am off to run errands and hopefully get in to visit madies great g-ma who is in a re-hab center after she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease of ALL THINGS...and its left her literally weak in the she is gaining her strength and will be home soon...I will prepare a yummy dinner when she returns :)
STILLLL going to be waiting on EEG...but try not to think about it till the last minute.
Time for bed.
hugs mamas

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Holli said...

Great photos!! Love the last one with the hands!

We've got the poop blues too. I'm convinced it's the Felbatol. Just another side effect to add to the list! Anyway, his OT suggested this stuff called Fruit-Eze. I just ordered some over the weekend. All natural and supposedly a miracle treatment to get the poops going smoothly! :) Changing his diet to more fiberous foods just hasn't worked for him. There's still always 'rocks' in his diaper! :(