Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good things to come for madie-girl?

SOOO yes, we opted out of Detroit..mixed reactions from accross the family but it just was not for now. WE WILL go..just at a later date.There is a time frame of the PET scan as well so probably in the next few months we WILL be there...I still dont feel as if madie is a surgical candiate though...but hubby agreed that it would be good info if anything...but in Detroit? Dunno... UGH. Kinda done talking about if for now

In an earlier post I said that madies bath seat that we were trying to get for her was denyed by insurance...well now the Birth to Three folks are going to try to get it for us. worse case? well we keep using the ring seat which has been working out well..its just hard to get her legs in it..she is long! if only the front popped open so I could just place her in..oh well..

We picked up this funny toy at Tiddly Winks..a fancy schmancy toy store in town..not really in the budget to shop the collections of beautyful toys there this lil guy ran us nearly 8 bucks...but when we handed it to madie she shook it and touched it and began eating it...how could we resist..lol.
Grandma also got madie this light up lulliby globe thing that you wind up and it turns and plays music and lights up the room with color..I sware that thing works! :)

Well its another scorcher of a day in CT mid 90's and HOT. I have tons of grocery shopping to do and just dont want to bring Madie out in the heat..
I must then go after hubby gets home and the store is mobbed.Sorry Im rambling..huh?
We also continue to see lots of big girl sitting..she fights those naps for just a little more sitting time!lol I had to buy some more pillows to surround her! Just yesterday I see her Outside her barrier! just sitting tall on the wood floor! how in the world?? she loves UP and DOWN games and bouncing and being zoooomed into the air rocket ship kid..lol can always get giggles.
Had her eating Squash off a plastic tounge depressor yesterday as well...almost the whole jar! Will feeding get better?? Time will tell id LOVE to get her on food and Milk! have a funeral for the Pediasure!! She can get herself into that sit pretty quick with the turn of my back she can also fall pretty good!
SO anyhoo...Next week we head to Hartford for her 8 hour VEEG and I guess that is it. One day at a time folks.
Keep on. :)


blogzilly said...

Just curious...are you anti-Detroit? If so what's the reason?

Jamie said...

no no no not anti-detroit by no means! Just decided to do do some tests on the homefront and have then sent to Detroit...kinda an avoidance of travel..FOR NOW...but we will go...I am wanting to meet Dr Seizure himself..just not yet. Just decided to re-schedule.ehh

Holli said...

Well, it sounds like you made an informed decision with your neuro that works for everyone. Hope the long EEG goes smoothly...as smooth as one could go, I guess!

Miles said...

Like Jamie said, the original plan for Detroit was to get the VEEG and PET scan because Hartford, for some reason, just didn't want to do any tests. So of course, a week before our trip they realize it might be a good idea to do the VEEG. DUH! So with that, combined with our worries about arriving at Detroit at midnight, just to force Madie into a hospital bed for 26 hours straight, and the fact that suddenly the doc would "probably" be there to see us... it just wasn't meant to happen at that time. Like Jamie said, we're still actively working on rescheduling :)