Thursday, August 13, 2009


OK so heres the scoop...
We are going to do Madisons long EEG in Hartford AND have that sent to Detroit. THEN get Madisons records sent there as well..and re-schedule the PET scan for sometime in the next month. It was also looking like Dr Seizure was being sent away for a conference the day we were supposed to meet with no one one told us that!
YES We are going...just not Sat.
the weekend now? Well Birthdays...Madisons Auntie Mary will be 13...(just kidding Mary) she is going to be 22 I believe... thats tomorrow...then on Sat is Hubbys B-day he will be 62. and MY Birthday I will be 32. Yup back to back b-days. no real plans...everyone is always at the cottage so we rarely have sitters anymore...:( BUt BUt I hope to get a dinner out of it.)
Funny...I feel about 10 years older...:P madie is hootin...doh.
Thats it for now.
:) ME.

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Miles said...

I'm fairly certain that YOU are turning 72 and I am turning 27