Friday, August 21, 2009

babbles and beach cottages

Well Its been a scorcher of a week with temps in the 90's...sweatin to the oldies here...will this ever end? Fall cannot come soon enough!
Big Girl sitter has been out of sorts today..grumpy...not so hungry...consipated is an understatement...where is that poopy?? One big rock last night and then she was ready for bed by 830! I was shocked! yeah enough about poop issues huh? lol

Anyhoo..going to take a much needed visit to the beac house tomorrow..its going to be hot but Im bringin Madies lil pool with me.:)I just really need a dose of family right now..ya know that feeling? Just wanna hang out..I am thinking of making my millionth apple cake and bringing that along...YUM

Its been pretty mellow here I guess..big girl sitter alllways sitting and loves the toys that hang from her noisy box! Falls and gets right back up! watching her reach and grab those funny little trinkets that Ive had for so many months in a basket!The UPside to that is I have saved tons of money on toys! Downside those things get slimey!
EEG soon! eek! first week of Sept hopefully! keep ya poste

have a great weekend folks...
PS Thank you Hubby..please no more hate mail..;)
Miles said...
Like Jamie said, the original plan for Detroit was to get the VEEG and PET scan because Hartford, for some reason, just didn't want to do any tests. So of course, a week before our trip they realize it might be a good idea to do the VEEG. DUH! So with that, combined with our worries about arriving at Detroit at midnight, just to force Madie into a hospital bed for 26 hours straight, and the fact that suddenly the doc would "probably" be there to see us... it just wasn't meant to happen at that time. Like Jamie said, we're still actively working on rescheduling :)


blogzilly said...

I hate summer. Really do. Bring on the cooler temps PRONTO.

Miles said...

LOL - amen to cooler temps!