Thursday, August 6, 2009

Campers :)

BOY do I wish I was still camping! It was certainly a short few days! Lots of family and friends were camping out at different sites and the chit chat was just non stop!
It was VERY hot for madie..she was a wreck at one point...BUT BUT bring in Kiddie Pool...aHHHHH Sweet.
I seriously just let her hang out in her diaper! she was so warm! It was adorable to get pictures of her lil nakie

Just her little big girl sitter all over! I went to go to bed last night and she was sitting in her porta crib...LOL I layed her back down and was just drifting off to the sound of the soft chit chat and the trees blowing in the breeze..when I hear a certain little trouble.. "Bvvv Bvvv" "squish squish" those little wet hands...Ohhhh gee...Sitting up tall again..lookin at me like "what mama"?

I was sad to leave! We had a couple visitors on the first night and grilled chicken and dogs..with all the usual side dishes...sat by the fire and got WAY to festive..with chatting till the weeee hours...LOL needless to say last night was an earlier night.. then the cool front came in and cooled us off..we all slept till 830!

She compleatly loveds this little pool...hee hee and I just could not stop taking her picture in it! I have to say we had her in it for awhile..till we see...hmm what is that...hmmm YELLOW tinkle! Ahhhh!!1 Oh man I laughed so hard...madie was content as can be...tinkled in her pool!
Partly my fault for forgetting the swimmer diapers...LOL!
We had one rough time of breakdown...probably due poop in 2 days...and HOT..:( Poor baby..rushed off to the nearby drugstore and got some tylenol and she was better...whew...had to walk her in her stroller over the bumpy grass to calm her down..everyone was taking turns walking her...
Of course when we get home she poops twice! Whew! I guess the damn is broke! We got home and she was clearly overtired..from lack of naps and just being busy...she fought me like crazy tonight going to bed...but by 930 she was out. Im So sleepy..ehhhh..

Oh in fun medical news...the latest blood work came back good...liver enzymes are GOOD! not elevated! whew!
her jerk seizures continue...GOD! I wanna scream when I see these stupid things@! The sad truth is that they have not gone away...the nurse from the Nuerology dept said that she will tell the doctor and get back to me...There was word that he wanted to try MORE meds...on top of her Zonegran and Valproric Acid Depakote...
MORE?? Ehhh I am just not feeling cool with that...BUT like I said..these stupid things just persist! i will be darned if she goes into a drugged up state and begins to be a veg..sleeping all thanks...BEEN THERE>>>DONE THAT!
Its like a drug for each type of seizure...nothing just does it all...:(!! UGH.
Ill keep ya posted on what the doc says....
I feel she has been the most alert and happy she has ever been in a LONG time..killin me!
Detroit is loooming closer and closer...PET scan was reluctantly approved by insurance..
Remeber the bath seat we wanted to get? Well Insurance will not cover that...oh well..
Little Ring seat has been working out well..its just hard to get her into it...dunno why the front wont open up and lock in place so I can get her in without fussing with her legs...ehh what can ya do...Alot of things that us moms of special needs kids could invent I tell make a bundle! Id have my dream kitchen before I knew it! LOL
Well folks Im sleepy...going to go watch TV in bed and go to bed..
Hoping next year to try a WEEK camping trip..ya think I can survive??
nite nite.

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Holli said...

Looks as though her balance is getting better?

And YES for the PET scan! That one will really be helpful.

Glad you guys had a good time. We're making our attempt next weekend. Cabin, though. This mama can't take the heat!! Three weeks in Sept. with no power after hurricane blew in ruined the thought of "roughin' it" for me!! I got my fair share!