Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July

250 Cans...."a one time only deal" they say....hmm


Stephanie said...

So.....I am going to assume that you aren't in the market for any of the Duocal that WE have? I think we only have about 150 cans - LOL! Isn't it a nightmare trying to find a place to PUT all of that?

Good luck! :)

Steph and Christopher

P.s. Seriously - let me know if you or anybody can use some Duocal. We have been discontinued and I HATE to see it go to waste.

Jamie said...

you have duocal?? gasp! stuff is 31.49 at target pharmacy! We got those two cans in picture for free..usually go thru a couple cans a month..2 scoops per shake. I would love it if we had insurace coverage on that stuff! This package was aparently a one time only thing...dunno...but Ill take it!