Monday, August 10, 2009

what next??

SO here it is folks..Im just torn now.
Our main reason for going to Detroit which will be happening SAT...eeek! is because the doctor in Hartford just was not granting us the tests we wanted..I wanted another EEG to hope and pray that these "jerks" are not "IS" returning...AND I wanted the PET scan! BOTH of which Detroit was willing and ready to do..and besides from hearing all kinds of great things about Dr Seizure himself I kinda just wanted to if anything let him SEE madie and give us his humble opinion..
WELLLLL Now Hartford is saying that they will grant us a 7 hour EEG on Madie..the nurse asked me on Friday when she called. (Liver is doing GREAT! no elevation! WOO HOO) She was asking me when madie last had her VEEG amd I said not since before we beagn the valroric acid Depakote..which was the beginning of last October! I could hear her shuffle thru madies file and then she says that they may have an opening for a VEEG...a 7 hour one..and thinks that we should get madie into one...YA THINK!!
With that said I remind her that we are planning our trip to Detroit to seek answers to madies frequent jerks..I tell her that if we can get all these tests done near home...what the frick are we doing going to Detroit?? When I asked numerous times to do an EEG on Madie to check for those dreaded "hyps" waves...UUHHHHH
Aside from teething pains and the non-pooping at times..Madie is happy..we were woken about 6 this morning with crys ..took awhile to calm her but we all ended up back to sleep..making hubby late for work..but she woke OK hungry and OK.
I guess that is that today I wait for the nurse at Hartford to call me..
Tomorrow we see the neurologist himself for a follow up as well...
And then we make a choice.
Will we regret forever for NOT going? what answers do we seek that can't be answered in Hartford?? I just don't know yet...plane tickets are good for a year...heh heh..:\
Hope everyone is well staying cool in this heat and Karen you are in my thoughts for a healthy new baby! eeek! coming soon!! :)


blogzilly said...

I think one of the worst aspects of the conditions of our kids is the second guessing we always do of ourselves when we make decisions. Best we can do is just make them as best we can and plow forward.

Holli said...

Yikes. That's a tough one. For me, there was no question that I wanted Austin seen in Detroit, regardless where we could get the tests done. I just wanted his eyes and his expertise. But, like you said, you wanted the tests they were willing to do. Can they do the PET scan there locally? Or will they? I know that Dr. C is usually willing to review results. Maybe he can review and let you know whether or not it is worth traveling to Detroit?

Tough call. Go with your gut.