Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Pictures! I just cant resist!

Its 9pm...these are pictures from this morning..Madison continues to fight her sleep and still continuously bringing herself to a sit...LOL!! Its getting tricky to leave her alone on her blanket!

when she makes this face..hahaha its short lived and to catch it....priceless.

She was actually touching her toy!
When her PT came today I was dyin for Madie to show her skill! NOPE...not untill the very end of her session did she finally get herself into a sit..when she had spent the most of the day getting herself up and falling..over and over.


Reagan Leigh said...

Love the pics! I'm so excited for you, this new skill is amazing!

Holli said...

What fun pics!!! And what a big girl!! I'm so proud of her!

How long is she staying in the sit?

blogzilly said...