Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If at first you dont succeed try try again

Well my baby girl..you keep on tryin and tryin...and TRYIN...and sure enough Madie;s new favorite thing...pushing herself up to a sit..here are some of the steps she takes to get there. In the meantime as I try to type she is doing this over and over and THUD she falls over..but can remain in her seat for more than a few seconds! I have to go and fix her so she is "within the blankets"

Now I always hold my breath when Madie does anything new..but honestly she has been rolling forever and getting herself into the "frog" I call it..only the past couple weeks has she been doing this! the other times madie could sit she was on steroids..Well I sat her up and she stayed. She herself is getting herself into position THIS time!!

Now my dreams of running skipping and jumping are still on the back burner for sure..but gee wiz! Milestone???? Its about stinkin time!!
She has therapy in 30 minutes and she better not be too sleepy..cmon show your skill madie!! These kids make liars out of us when you want them to show off eh??

Will Madison beat the odds..ya never know. Anxious as always for Detroit with hopes that she is not Infantile Spasm-ing anymore and other than OH JUST THAT...things are goin.
Keep faith that madie will continue to progress and "get there" somehow!!! I still cannot fathom that her pre-school will be happening in OCT!! (when she turns 3) Went to of all places (Im such a trader) Wallmart and found her some cutie slip on sneakers so she can haev shoes in school...oh something tells me she will not like having those on her cutie tootsies!
Well enough of my bragging I am sure to jinks myself.
:) Hugs


Holli said...

Those are pictures I LOVE to see!!

Keep it up Madie!

blogzilly said...

Awesome to see the progress. She's such a cutie too...very curly hair.