Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Things!

Oh my madie...she is somethin...Just yesterday by the way...;) she pushed herself up to a sit!! Ok so a wobbly sit but she was UP..tryin and tryin.. She continues to seem to be moving forward..I am on the edge of my seat wondering what will come or go next..will she continue to move forward? Are these jerks that plauge her all day Spasms?? they are like quick stiffenings..arms and legs involved and her eyes go weird for a second then she is fine..
I am worried alot about them but she seems to be doing OK so far so good...Newest thing is being more accepting of things in her hands..she loves her krinkle paper and sliming my face as she grabs for noses and cheeks...she seems to be more accepting of things in her mouth as well...licking things and biting things..NOT holding them to her mouth only sometimes..BUT doing it!! And the giggles...Ohh if I could bottle that giggle..she certainly knows funny. Usually in play with my husband or I or funny noises and faces..cutest.
The vocalizations are getting pretty funny...of course no words but boy she is loud..AHHHH OWWWWWW EHHHHH pretty funny.
I hate to brag about any of this...Ive seen if before folks. madie has had the ability to sit 2 times..BUT she was not using her muscles as she does now..more a glazed ballance as drug after drug was pumped in her tiny frame...Ive seen regression is all I am saying. Mostly with her personality...from happy to DUHHHH drugged.
She is doing she has been in along time! keep it up Madie!!
Her Appetite has been BIG...ok so still a fuss for solids...BUT bottle wise she is up there...4 and a half yesterday..with Duocal is a load of calories!! GROW MADIE GROW!!
Infantile Spasms...a word I was certain was out of my vocabulary..could possibly be back?? Do they come back?? its been at least a year since we have been dealing with spasms..her "new" horrific seizures we have not seen one in a few months...I used to have a video but eh...deleted it..a breakthru uh...I wanna say in May...dunno dont quote me on that one...but none since.
Detroit is carved in stone now..August 15th we fly out..spend a day with family and head to the hospital for the looooooong EEG on the following Monday. We will be home on Wed after all the tests and doctor visit are said and done.
Tonight my brother in law comes over and we have a mini grillin and chillin..hoping to get my lil trouble maker to bed early!
Wine Me!

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Holli said...

You know, I was thinking in one of your last posts about her getting to a sit..When she was on her hands and knees..that's exactly what Austin did. He never really crawled, but he rocked and practiced being in that position for weeks...until one day, he just used it to sit up! I knew it was coming, and cause for a celebration! Try not to worry so much about how long it will last...embrace it and celebrate! She did it!! That's huge, regardless of anything else. It sounds like she's getting more and more strength too.

And the jerks? I know that spasms can come back, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have. The upcoming EEG in Detroit will shed some light on that for sure.

Go, Madie, go!!!