Saturday, July 18, 2009


From this morning :) Loungin in her jammys. What a sweetpea.

No news to report I guess..hangin out. Its boiling hot in CT today..hubby is watching space shows and madie is making her noises. and sitting here and there.I let her have the run of the room with as much coushiony things I can find to surround her.
We are taking the plunge and getting her hair trimmed soon! I know I know...LOL its just a mess! maybe just shape up the curls..:)


blogzilly said...

Just out of curiosity...what are the 'space shows'?

Miles said...

lol - with the 40 year anniversary of landing on the moon, there were a lot of specials on... about Apollo 11.. and Apollo 13... I'm a geek :)