Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I totally dropped out of feeding therapy today! I had no clue what I was doing...but I knew as I sat there watching the 30 minute "by the book" feeding time pass by I was dying to get out of there...
I have NEVER felt as if I clicked with this girl...she is AT LEAST 10 years younger than my 32 years of age....she was all tan from her vacation last week to cape cod..
I signed a paper to release information so that her birth to Three OT could send the reports to her and then that was that...I was just a out...no bye byes...no nothing I just picked up madie and left...with the attitude of "whatever"

OK so before anyone scoffs at me.... (oh gee madie just fell...let me collect my thoughts)
Before we all say this is horrible... I felt as if all that I was getting from this so called therapy was all the crap I was ALREADY doing at home!! Ok so I go and watch this gal TRY to feed Madison......sometimes it goes well and sometimes it just doesn't go.
THEN she tell me that since I did not show up the week before last (see hail storm pictures) if I dont show up one more time they will "take madie out" of the schedule... OK so we would be kicked out.
Well upon hearing that I was just pissy...our time was FINALLY up and I was outta there....I was about to cry in the car...not knowing what the hell I was doing...feeling I was letting madie down...feeling that we will NEVER get her to eat NOW!! ALL cause of ME!!
I was feeling that I was loosing Patience...MAYBE I need to give it time....suck it up and just GO to therapy.....
My wonderful hubby was so supportive....saying that if I felt it was not working that he would trust that...gosh....one of the many reasons I married that guy huh??
I just wanted to share that...and the new pictures...madison is on a roll with her sitting...she loves it!!!!!!
She BONKS her head ALLL the time!! BOINK her head and BOOM her head! Oh gee!! rolling up a storm...already pricing baby gates for upstairs loft!!
I hope everyone is well...I am thinking of lil Reagan tonight...I hope her mama gets some sleep...and lets keep those prayers going for seizure freedom!MAN oh MAN!
Lots of Hugs to Zoeys mom too....:)
All of our kids will meet SOMEDAY!!!!

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