Thursday, July 23, 2009


OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot seem to get anything done without Madison falling on her head! Always sitting and falling! Part of her learning..there are not enough pillows to surround her with and we dont seem to have the space to let her roll and sit as she pleases! I love the wood floors in our home and someday hope to replace with newer floors...I am thinking maybe the whole upstairs should be carpeted...uuuugh! I hate wall to wall...we have only carpeted bedrooms and just to replace the nasty carpet that was in the house when we bought it was 2 grand alone! eeek! Bigger area rug perhaps?? 2 hundread vs 2
Ohhhh Madie..such a big girl.
Jerks have been more of a nussance than anything making her fall from her sit or jerk her from a nap but she seems to be OK...we find out in less than a month if her spasms have in fact returned and what step we need to take if that is the case...God help me...
Sleep for her has been fine...tough to calm her out of hyperness to go to sleep but once asleep she is out. Hubby went and bough that attractive pipe isulation stuff so we can cover the bars of her crib as she keeps sitting and falling in her bed as well...we ran out so we have to get some more to cover all the bars...gettin there. Looks nice eh??

bumper is getting old and kinda warped out over time and washings...just kinda waiting for that extra few bucks to go get her newer bedset...out with the baby set in with the bigger kid set...fairys or lady bugs I am thinking...:)I remember being shocked that this froggie set cost more than our bedding!!
teething has been a nightmare somedays but she has been a river of drool with the new found positions...we wonder if she was always drooling this much we just have had gravity on our side as she was always laying
ehh we just keep changing her long as she is content.:)
Well anyhoo..August is around the corner...already getting busy before its began! We are kicking off the month with a mini camping trip for a few nights and then a week off and come hubbys birthday on the 15th we fly to detroit..the following monday we are IN.
I hope to get to the cottage this weekend to relax weather pending...
OK well its time to feed hungry kid and get her in the tub tub..
Hope everyone is hangin in there. :)

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