Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Girl Big Girl

Iam still so amazed how madie sits...sometimes I just look at her when she is sitting and talk to her...then I tell myself I should give her a toy to hold or some sort of textile toy to is just so stinkin cute. Ok Ok enough of my bragging..:)
teething has been bringing madies mood Doooowwwwwwn big time certain days...oh man! I hate hate to give her too much Tylenol...with her meds already taking a slight toll on her liver...:( BUT desperate times call for desperate measures..and in 45 minutes she feels better. We get blood work done in a week...OH OH Can I just say that madie had gained 3 pounds!! 3 stinkin pounds! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! her overall body feels stronger when you hold her...and at times is just as fidgety as can be..
Oh dont get me wrong her meds make her sleepy...and it stinks early Am when you just kmow they have kicked in and she is sleepy once more..she usually springs out of it by the afternoon and is OK she is very tricky to get down for a nap...always sitting and falling over and sitting and falling over...even when she is too too sleepy to hold her head strait!
This mama took a much needed get-away to the cottage this past weekend...My sister in laws boyfriend who has been a chef in his past life...(lol) made us meaning about 10 of us...we feasted on some lovely steaks wrapped in bacon and scallop kabobs with roasted asparagus and a corn and bean mixture with a Mexican taste to them...Ohhh man it was so good...with the guilty glasses of wine and good company it was great night. Hubby was home with little one who was giving him a tough time crying and crying ....oh gee...I did not know what to feel about that...sorry for him but also relief that was not dealing with that right at the moment! NO OFFENSE!!
I could not help but feel I was missing something without my madie...its strange haha without having to always make sure she is fed and medicated and that she is not rolling into some furnature. I kinda tossed an turned that night for some reason getting little sleep. It was really hot that night as well which did not help.
Sunday we went to a lovely place Brunch( It was Madie's grandma's Birthday) located right next to an Opera house that we went to see Camelot I am shocked that a beautiful place like this exsists just an hour away! My inlaws go there all the time and are just huge lovers of the theater. We certainly enjoyed a wonderful Brunch at the place next door...fancy fancy. Miles met me there at noon and joined us ...madies cousin watched her for the day :)!

We are currently less than a month away from our trip to Detroit~ Fighting with Insurance for her PET scan...doh! SOOOO if all else fails we will be there for the long EEG and a meeting with the doctors.. Keep ya posted on that one. Insurance says that its not necessary if its "exploitative" gee wiz!! SOme of these insurance big wigs need to have kids with seizures...."just sayin"
SO anyhoo...some pictures from this morning...she was sitting for a long time..shes napping now so I guess its time to get something done eh?


Miles said...

I do the same thing when she's sitting there. You can't help BUT talk to her as if she can understand. She seems like such a little person sitting there! :)

Holli said...

Mama got a break! YEAH!!!

But, I know what you mean about it not feeling quite right. You know that feeling where you just keep thinking you're forgetting something or that you're missing something? That's how I always feel without Austin. Something IS missing!

And...glad to hear she's still practicing her new moves! Falls and all...she'll get it down pat before you know it!