Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 day weekend blis!

Well folks...Detroit is up in the air now..we are uncertain when we are going there.I guess the doctor is not going to be in town the days they had given us..keep ya posted on that...ehhhh
Spent long weekend at cottage last weekend and now Sat we head back for some 4th of july grillin...yummm!

Ya know, Dads have it so easy! Madison has her dad wrapped around her finger! The two of them hangin out on a comfy night after work :) He can get her to giggle more than anyone else!
Madison continues her funny jerks...we anxiously wait for the doc to get back to us so we can get in for that long EEG..but in the meantime she seems OK...not really stopping her noises..or her urge to crawl and move...I still worry nonetheless...:(
I just hope that this weekend she gives me a break with her teething! cmon!! happy girl....ya just never know.
She has been non stop naps at all! Just when I thought I had her down for a nap and I breathed a sigh of relief and layed my head down to go to dream world...Nope...keep dreaming mama. Its about 3pm my time as I type....
I think we are all on different time zones..
Tonight after all this wakefullness I hope madie will go to sleep early...its been about 9-10 lately...whew! where is my break?? I am going to make up a big ol pot of soup and TRY to relax..:)Hubby has a three day weekend as well! woo hoo!


blogzilly said...


I gotta work tomorrow.

Holli said...

Ohhh, can't wait. The hubby and I are getting to do our first real "summer activity" since...hmmm, can't remember!! Austin was on ACTH ALLLL last summer. No outings for us! Just hope I can relax and have fun since lil guy won't be by my side.
Hope you guys have a great 4th at the beach!!

P.S. We are absolutely scorching here in TX..I'm craving some water fun!! It's been 100+ for what seems like FOREVER!! No rain in a month either!! Drought city!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Breaks are so important...I go crazy on the days that I don't get one. Sophie is getting close to 4 years old and starting to skip her afternoon naps...ugh!!!

Karen said...

Love that smile on her! She is precious!!!!THats something we never saw while Cami had seizures nothing made her laugh! So thats a miracle in its self for your lil sweet pea;)