Monday, June 29, 2009

Overall Great Weekend :)

There were about 12 of us crammed into the cottage this past weekend..and as always good food, good drink, good sunshine.
Rough DAY with Madie Friday..oh man...this teething had got to give!! It was a really hot day Friday and I was determined to get to cottage with hopes of that off-shore breeze..(no, still warm)
Aparently Friday night CT got hit with some tornado action! Hubby said it took him 2 hours to get home with closed roads and trees down..oh, and broken traffic lights.He was planning on meeting up with us all Sat.
I swore Madison just knows when mama is flying solo..I tell ya! I made it thru to Sat morning thru the screams and the 9pm dose of Tylenol...I just knew Sat was going to be busy with my brother-in-laws birthday BBQ. Dunno what kept me functioning on once Miles arrived it was a sigh of relief and madies crying got "better". Poor baby girl..
We feasted on SO much food! Grilled Burgers stuffed with cheese, bacon and onions..(oooof!) and cholesterol city! YUMMMM!
We also took Grandpas new boat for a spin on the water..(madie stayed home with grandma) The "thrill seeker" that I am sat right up front as we raced thru the water..The death grip on my seat cushion left me sore for a few hours after! We were catching air over the waves! It was great! SCARY! Its certainly Grandpas new "toy" He promises to take grandma out in it and "go slow" HA...;)
We got home yesterday before lunchtime..I was anxious to get home to the AC and get my stinky girl in the tub! I was exhausted! hit by the wine train I was... YUP...when the games come out Sat night and we are all sitting around that tiney table...ohhh boy...:)! Madison woke only around 11 ready to party.
When we got home she sprung to life! She was so loud with noises and laughing and rolling all over..ya just couldn't keep her quiet! she was feeling better and after a few hours tuckered herself down for a nap. Maybe she was feeling better in the cool house?? Dunno but I was not complaining! FINALLY went to bed by 1030! whew!A good Weekend :)
Hmmm in news...Well Billy Mays Died...LOL!! Just kidding...HHHI IM BILLY MAYS!!! T.V will be a quieter place now..(now its up to blogzilly-ken to find a hilarious picture..)
NO real news...We continue to see the jerks..they worry me..they are few..its not like an all day constant thing.but so far this AM I have seen 3. Weather they are seizure jerks or spasms or muscle twitches...ehhhh they are there. I felt we were SOOOO close to seizure freedom..90 percent Madie!! not one huge(there goes another jerk) tonic clonic seizure! I used to have a video of her bad ones..but seriously I had to delete it..rough stuff.. I am uncertain how to get the videos from my camera onto the computer and actually have them BE videos...instead of the picture of the beginning of the video! If that makes any tech-savy sense! haha!
Good days and bad days..more so with teething. Development chuggs along and we continue to "try" her solids and try to bulk my skinny mini up.
I continue to think that maybe its crazy to go to Detroit...what are we going to hear that we have not already heard? "We still dont know why madie is the way she is".."thank you have a nice day"..OH dont forget your new pills!..
Family was asking me about it and I just did not want to talk about it. I guess I am kinda freaked out about it. One of those crazy things I felt I had to do without thinking?? Dunno...
Well the usual therapies this week and grocery shopping...cause BOY we are out of food! OH and dont forget Prescription pick ups! Wooo Hoo!! ONWARD!
Till Next time America. (remember that show?? LOl)

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