Friday, June 26, 2009

Detroit, Teething, Oatmeal and trying to relax..YUP all in one!

August 19th begins Madies first 24 hour EEG! and on the 20th bright and early we go for her first PET scan! Ok so I am terrified...I may think I am on the verge of being crazy...I mean could I just find someone who is closer to us? NY, Boston, Philly?? I am just so intrigued by this Dr Chugani I feel that madie should see him! I want HIS humble opinion...I feel I have read and heard enough to just want to go!
Am I crazy? I mean I have never had to travel far to get the doctors we have needed for Madie...
But I can say it over and over...hell, if we go and get not so much from it..then we got some info...if anything...A small price to paty for my madie..

So in a couple months we GO! Rock on!
The jerks persit...and madies latest blood work came back with slightly elevated liver...83/78...unsure how to decode the numbers they never explain that to me..:(! But its frustraiting..! I have Upped the "trying food" each day...with hopes of getting this solid food ball rollin! I am BEYOND sick of cleaning bottle daily and the vanilla cookie smell of Pediasure begins to smell like vanilla cookie PUKE..ehh.
She has been doing AMAZING eating her oatmeal cereal mixed with eaither whole Milk or banana pediasure or Mixed veggies! I will not brag too much how on ocasion she opens her mouth for the spoon as well!! I have seen her eat and I have seen her suddenly refuse all together..

We head off today for the cottage again...I really need a dose of the gang and some free food that I dont have to order or cook..We are fresh out of grocerys and cash! The AC just broke a couple of days ago and its pushin 80 in the house...the poor guy is outside right now fixing as the drizzle begins to fall...With a grand total of 490 for the "under warranty" condensor...(better than 2 grand!) soooo with AC and Grocerys and oh...Morgage for some free stuff! Onward! We go!
Teething persists as well...pic above it was so hot in the house and she was so fussy she FINALLY fell asleep on the floor with her blankee covering her eyes...cute! hee hee half naked!
Well on that note...trying to bulk Madie up continues with hopes of the liver comming back better...AND Detroit here we come!
OH OH and should I try to persue a new med?? I feel Depakote is working! To go back to those horrible big seizures is oh so to tackle the jerks! find out what they are!!
Ok Im done :)
Hugs mamas.
Time to pack up.

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blogzilly said...

No hugs for the Papas?

Good luck in Detroit. You are doing the right thing and following your gut. That is never, EVER, wrong.