Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Girl :) , Toofs and more rain! gah!

Such a big girl eating her mush!

We anxiously wait for Dr Chugani's folks to call us with a date to travel...
Madisons blood work continues to come back slightly elevated at 83/78..its kinda frustraiting that the only med that seems to be working has to take such a toll...she continues her vitamin..and her jerks..even more frustraiting her hartford doctors telling me that if the jerks get bad then give them a call..
they dont seem to bother madie but what if they are spasms??? they also don't feel we need EEG at this time being madie seems to feel well. SOOO I wait to see if things get worse?? wait to see her regress?? Unacceptable!

Oh and don't forget the next drug lined up "if things get worse" Banzel. uuugh.
No thanks.
I just KNOW if I could get madie on foods with more substance she could metabolize her current meds better! hopefully not worrying about this liver junk!
I do not know the next step from here...when can I get a break from my worry??
And this poor kid and her teeth! oiy! lack of naps and sleep can sometimes make her ready to crash by 7...poor baby :(
Its another stinky rainy day...all the funny smells come out in the house when its humid like this! GAH! Ohhhh and when it was 80 degrees inside and the AC was going...something is wrong...HVAC guy comes tomorrow bright and early at 730...FUN!
I think I am being summoned by a motor boat...LOL I guess she is feeling better eh? Who needs teeth anyhoo! and liver shmiver! boo!
((( hugs mamas))))

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Holli said...

I've forgotten what rain looks like!! We havent seen anything wet in weeks!! WEEKS! Man, and the temp here is 100!! Talk about an oven...if our A/C crashed, I'd be in a hotel! LOL

Have you captured any of her jerks on camera to show the docs? You've been there...seen spasms...if you're uncomfortable about it, I'd definitely make a fuss to get an EEG if I were you. Just because she seems happy, they don't think it could be spasms? Austin's happy most of the day...having hundreds of spasms.

Go with your gut girl.