Monday, June 22, 2009

Were in! what? yes we are in!!

Detroit here we come! Are you ready for Madison??
Sarah was in fact on vacation but came back today..she says she can see us in JUly or August...SOON! We have not set a date yet..hubby has to work stuff out with work and such..but we are excited!
Madisons seizures are going well..I hope they can maybe find out if there is a spot in her brain that is causing..?? dunno what to expect..
I will try to push hubby for a nice hotel...It will be 2 days of driving..well we will chop it into two..could make it in one..but its looong.
Its been a rough morning thank gawd we have no therapys! Madie was up twice last night crying and biting her poor little hands...I am certainly ready for this teething to stop! I almost brought out the old burp cloths the drool was so wet..
Its nearly 3pm now and no nap from Miss Madie yet...she sleeps then crys..:(
tonight a warm bath and some bottle with hopes of an early go-down..poor baby :( And tylenol!!

And Holi, those are before ACTH! Madie had so many rolls! when she was on her shots she just looked more exploded than cute..:(
I will keep everyone posted. ya know if anything we will have good information...:)


Holli said...

So glad to hear you have a time frame!! That is soon!!

I don't know if you and the hubby would prefer to stay in Greektown, but if it doesn't matter, we had a wonderful hotel (downtown, but not in Greektown). Check into the Hilton Garden Inn on Gratiot AVe. Excellent staff...and it had everything we needed...super clean and super easy drive to the hospital (maybe 5-7 min). I don't know what the rates are without a discount though...we got one through our airline. And it wouldn't come up through most online hotel searches so we almost missed it...had it not been for the airline finding it for us. Great deal. Also, Maria from the PET scan dept will send you a list of nearby hotels once you get a PET scan appointment. That should help too...because if you're like me, you'll want some recommendations. I'm weary about staying in hotels in strange cities!

Good luck getting it all set up! This will be such a good thing for Madie...and you!

blogzilly said...

Awesome, a time frame, something to work towards, is awesome.