Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dads Day

James Voegler August 16th 1952-Feburary 4th 1994

Who would have ever thought that just a couple months later our lives would change forever..and the word "seizure" would be in our forever vocabulary.

Madie continues to do these annoying jerks. they look way too much like spasms to me..I am scared that they only COULD be....dunno. Myoclonic jerk?? Same thing?
Only and EEG would tell us...but who says that in an hours time she would even do one?
Dr Chugani was prompt in responding to my e-mail saying briefly that he would love to see Madison and would do a long EEG and PET scan on her and tell us his findings. said he would have some woman named Sarah arrange something...dunno. Its the weekend so I will see if we hear anything this week. keep ya posted on news yet!
Happy Fathers Day all the daddys...:)
I blogged about my father awhile back and well....wanted to make a whole other blog about him..but its too sad. I can ony say that not a day goes by when I dont miss my father and his big hugs and laughing at the jokes and the love that he gave us kids...I hope you are watching over me Dad.
PS tonight I make hubby "Breakfast for Dinner" he is a huge breakfast fan and so I fry up the ham and eggs.. and we FEAST. :)!

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Holli said...

Sarah's great...she held my hand for three months while trying to get our testing set up. She's very prompt too...sometimes she was so quick in responding that it was like a conversation through email!! Back and forth!

Anyway, love the pics...Madie was a little butterball!! Love it! That was before ACTH??!!

By the way, I totally see the resemblence from your dad's photo. You look so much like him. I know yesterday had to have been rough. Hope you're better today.