Tuesday, July 7, 2009

....and then comes crawling???

AHH@!!! this a good sign of mobility to come??? Will be plateau at this? Will she gain MORE strength and GO?? Oh gosh! I jumped from my chair at the computer and caught her just trying so hard! (hints my toes to the side...LOL)

Now allot if times I see the "oh..well at least he or she is doing this or that" and tend in a slump that my child cannot do the things that other kids can do..which I guess comes with the territory of a special needs child....
We plan on STILL camping and STILL going to the beach and STILL going on vacations and STILL living! WITH a challenge...Ohhh its tough for sure. "lugging" madie around and I still carry hopes that she WILL one day be mobile! I am still planning on donating her stroller to a family that cannot get one...whenever she DOES outgrow it..
Weathor or not she DOES get up on her feet one dya we deal with it day by day and love her no less.

We are heading to Detroit on my Birthday August 16th..Flying out that Sunday and EEG on Monday and PET on Tuesday along with Doctor visit..then fly home Wed...By no means a vacation but much needed information into madies seizures. Which are still jerks at this point..:( and worrisome.

4th of July was pretty fun...we have missed out on fireworks since madie was born I think...or did we see them the first year she was here? id have to run that by hubby.
Food Folks and Fun were great as usual..It was pretty hot outside and I kicked myself for not going out on the boat but we had to get home...:( I was on the edge of my seat with Madies crying outbursts adn her teething...we were up half the night before with her screaming...Hubby was not in any mood to go to cottage but he was a trooper...I love you more for it dear!! :)
No other news I suppose as of now..just hangin..beautyfull day in CT FINALLY no rain for a whopping 2 days!!
Heading out to Tarje to spend 62 bucks on two more cans of DUOCAL...yumm! Oh and feeding therapy that I alwatys seem to forget about untill 15 minutes before we are suppoed to be there!


Reagan Leigh said...

So, is she crawling or what?!?!? That is so exciting! Crawling is definitely a precursor to walking. So be excited!! I am! How I wish I could Reagan moving! I would even be happy with rolling at this point! Anything!

Holli said...

Oh, so good to see her up on her hands and knees!! She's certainly got the determination!!

Detroit is set then? And it falls on your bday? Man. We were there during our anniversary..doing the 24hr EEG. What an anniversary vacation, huh?! Our big dinner was Subway at the hospital! Fun. lol

Keep those good pics coming! It's so great to see!