Thursday, June 11, 2009

Strange Dreams...(no dream analysis for these..LOL)

I was really going to go into a rant and rave this Am but ya know...fer-get it!

Madison was up at about 530 this AM crrrrrrrying and crrrrrying...oh shoot! I had no clue what she was crying about..assuming always her teeth coming in! Well I changed her wet diaper and sat with her till her pitiful lil sniffles of crying recovery stopped and put her back in bed. Well not so much longer later she was crying again so I went and seeked out "mommys lil helper" NO not the cat...Tylenol! bout 10 minutes she was back asleep and I was wired..decided to surf some facebook and eventually when I did not hear any more noise from her room I went back to sleep.
NO joke folks, I had a dream that I was at an Eminem Concert (NO I do not like Eminem music) and suddenly my hubby was up on stage making fun of him dancing around singing the song from the movie 8 Mile....well Eminem began to try to attack Miles but he kept dodging the things he was throwing at him....
THEN I was beamed into another dream...zzzzzooooommmm I was on a bus load of Indian children that we were bringing to MY neighborhood to drop off at their new adoptive families...Hubby and I already had our lil Indian baby that WE adopted at our house and I was helping out on the bus then they would drop me off at home...the lady next door to us..(who is Indian) Got 4 Kids! they just giggled and ran off the bus to their new house...some even cursing that their old village was a "shithole" and that now they were in a dream house! Now imagine all those lil indian accents saying that!!
when I sleep I sleep...I tend to Crash..keep going till I can go no the ends of some days my eyes are burning and I still have not made some dinner!
I am excited for the weekend and Friday cannot come soon enough! Going back to the cottage where family is coming to town...Miles' Aunt Brenda and her Daughter Annie and Annies Daughter Mia... Annie is expecting baby number 2 and its a boy this time! I have oficially spent too much on a goodie bag of outfits for the lil one :)!!
Its almost bittersweet that Annie is having her second baby...we were pregnant together with Madie and Mia :) Only bittersweet out of a hint of jealousy that she is pregnant and I am not and that if Madie were developmentally "normal" it would be a time where we too would be thinking about more babies..I loved and hated being pregnant it was TOUGH but also the most amazing time!! and having Madison I would have never known the tough journey ahead with seizures and delays and therapies...WHEW! Madison is my lil gift...and if I ever have knows for now I can say NO...too much on the ol plate already I can barely chew!! I have such fears of having another child with severe delays...not so much seizures just delays.. I always said I Juuuust wanted to see if madie will walk someday....

Madison is doing well! Dont get me wrong! Aside from the annoying "Jerks" here and there and don't seem to slow her down...BUT WHEN OR IF Madison walks they will certainly make her there a song that builds up to me saying "Helmet Time"...??WHEN oh WHEN can we be 100% seizure free???? GAH!!!
Id certainly take a child who is walking and running with her lil helmet on....LOL
Oh gawd, can U see the pics?
Madison remains a CRAZY roller...she wants to crawl SOooo Bad!! We can only wait and see.
SO anyhoo I guess I have rambled enough.Today we head to the grocery store and pick up some ods and ends and hopefully Madie will get in a good nap in the meantime :) Looking forward to the weekend...cmom Friday...:!!!


blogzilly said...

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Oh goodness...I probably shouldn't have read this post right before I'm off to bed...wonder what kind of crazy dreams I will have now ;)