Monday, June 8, 2009


Before I begin I just wanted to share some pics from today! For Madison to take things and bring them to her mouth is BIG! The picky eater, the sensory nightmare that she is! (ok not that bad..;) ) teethiing alot these days but she was never one to take a teether...I spent money on about 3 different types of teething rings with no such luck. This easy toy of course is some of those plastic links with krinkle paper tied to them. :)

She did not go down for a nap till 4 today! and its nearly 530 now...stiiiilll sleepin. I am going to regret not taking a small nap myslef huh??
WELLL...Big News today! We went this morning to see PRE-Schoool!!
I am so full of thoughts on our meeting at Cherry Brook Primary School...
Its a nice school and the woman who wil be working with madie are all so nice. the room is so full of activities...that normal kids will be running around playing with.
Oh my Madie...I wanted at one point to really just say "Thank you I have seen enough" and leave. I wanted to more than anything to just let madie loose in the room to explore and see the things around her. The nice woman was going on about how there are different areas of play in the classroom that the children play in and one was a kitchen and one was a reading area... and that madie would have her own cubby for her things. We walked down the hall and she showed me the rooms that her therapies would be held in...It was also nice to meet the therapists and to see that they were woman with experience...well meaning they were not 22 year olds who looked like college kids...I cant explain WHY it feels better to have therapists that are older than at least a few years...LOL
I am super skeptical of public schools...If I had a million dollars Id get madie into the best private school money can buy...but lets get realistic folks...we are not Millionaires....we work with what we have and make sure its the best we can get!
I dont know. I just dont know. Maybe I just need to give it a be what feels like the ONLY mom in the whole WORLD of kids who has a child with special needs...(not true of course) Doesn't really feel like the shoe least as far as kids with the same physical disabilities....
Madison has been doing great with her pushing and using her muscles she just wont put those hands down to push to a sit...if she would juuuust use those hands!!

The Room was empty with no children in the class till the classes are Wed, Thurs, Friday for Morning... and Monday Tues, Wed, Thurs for afternoon kids...
Everyone was taking notes and madies therapist was speaking and also taking her own notes..we talked about a brief history of Madie and her seizures and the delays that we are dealing with...It seemed to go well...It was BOILING hot in the conference room and of course the last seat left was the head of the table that I HAD TO sit at! Talk about nervous...I felt myself at one point breaking into a sweat and clenching my hands so tightly I was digging my finger nails into my hands...
All of this! School?? Kids? Madison?? Completely mind boggled. I wanted out and I wanted Water....
Well needless to say I survived...madie seemed to really care less but was wide eyed and looking around...
I am so exhausted eyes burn for madie has other plans of her usual noises and rolls..not the least bit sleepy.
Yesterday was a successful picnic at the house...bout 30 people were here alot bringing dishes and fruit and yumm yumms...I felt like I was always in the kitchen and always trying to clean up cups and dirty plates and chat with people I have not seen in awhile AND take on full baby duity at the same time..
Madie went in and out of times being so overtired or teething she would crrrrrryyyyyy and Id have to drop what i was doing and try to feed her..(refusing bottles) I got her to nap about 445...for an hour...she was mostly all loud happy screams that would pearce your ear drums! Happy but fighting that nap allll day...not officially down for bed...I mean no more noises...and fed and quiet...till...1030.
She was up bright and early at 645...WOO HOO!! lol! and Uhhhhhhh!!!
SO that is that folks...We wait till end of August to get the scoop and get her officially IN...and do all the paperwork etc...and say bye to our beloved Birth to Three therapists..:(!!
For now I just hope that madie gives me a nap of some sorts so this mama can take a moment.
(((( Hugs)))))

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