Friday, June 5, 2009

Madie G, Picnics and GI Doctors. :)

Im so excited for the weekend! We are having a big picnic/bbq at the house and everyone is bringing a dish! The weather is supposed to be 77 on Sunday so we couldn't ask for better weather!!
Madison is goin huge seizure since her med increase last week..I have however captured a video of her quick stiffening to show Neurologist..these look too close to spasms for my liking...we can only keep pushing for an EEG sooner than later..I am going to begin keeping track of there an age where spasms don't occur any longer?? I thought it was 3...

In the lighter side of the news...dunno if you have ever seen the pictures of Madie in my kitchen sink in her baby tubby..but this tubby is not getting any bigger! Madison measured in at nearly 36 inches!!(at her GI appointment I will go into)
We are trying to utilize Birth to Three before we loose purchase this bath seat for Madie..:)!! A whopping 270..(I think) for free!! the bottom is easy clean mesh and there is a waist strap..not much to it...they just dont make bath seats for big kids!!

I am having trouble posting the link to this chair but its called Minnow Bath Support and is on a wedsite called Sooooo that is that!
We are going to Uuuuu guessed it...get the good ol Birth to Three folks to hopefully get it for us for the low low price of ZERO. *ting*

GI apointment yesterday was really nothing I have never heard before...for 40 dollar co-pay I was still told to keep up on the Duocal in her shakes and that she really wanted us to feed her the Boost shakes again...I told her for 67.25 for 27 8oz shake... I was opting out of those and just trying to add more calories in less expensive ways to her long as she gets 4 of those a day she will be getting her nessesary nutrition as far as vitamins go...even a ground up Flinstones vitamin is OK too...I have been also adding some heavy cream or veggie oil...or anything containing good fat..The Nutritionist spoke to me telling me she wants to put our name in for a program I am not quite understanding to get money for the shakes..hmmm we shall see...
Madison skinny mini is STILL weighing in at 22 pounds...BUT gained an Inch! I could only laugh...but also become frustrated...WHAT will make this kid gain!!??
keep ya posted on that...I guess that is all...Madie is fighting her nap this afternoon and still looking a bit sleepy...but rolling all over and yawning between squeals lol!
Cant wait for weekend and already feeling a bit NOT in controll of planning this whole thing as hubby invites more people and tells them to bring a dish....I guess I should be thankfull that I am not cooking. I am just one who likes to drive myslef nuts and take credit for everything! hahaha
hang in there and have a great weekend! Summer is here! 77 on picnic day!!

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Holli said...

What's better than a day full of yummy food that you don't have to cook?!!

Aren't you in CT? That's where we need to be!! Our ECI won't cover squat!! Not even a measly 30 bucks for a vibrating Nuk brush thingy. UGH!

Keep the cute photos coming! Lovin' em!!