Monday, June 15, 2009

Cottages and Teething Pains..

Just a short walk from the cottage on the way to the beach is a pong filled with these pretty lilly pads...I wanted to see a frog...:)!!

Sweet Madison. On the beach. She ended up rolling out and getting sand on her FACE..ohhh man...messy messy especially since she is just slime fest with her horrible on and off scream fits from her teething...oh kiddo..

This little person is Madisons cousin Amelia. Amelia was so excited to see madison she was saying Hi and trying to give madie toys and petting her like she was a soft bunny..saying that madie was so cute..she is so funny when she runs around with her lanky legs and her big I took great pictures of her playing in the sand. It was so sweet to see her exploring all the little rocks and putting her feet in the freezing water! This funny thing she plays with shoots bubbles out of its mouth and makes bubbles all over...madie got it for Christmas and I thought it would be fun to bring :) She is making bubble pie she says...:)
Amelia is only 3 weeks younger than Madison.
I know that IF or WHEN Madison finally climbs up big kid mountain and stands on her own two feet I want to think that Amelia will show her all kinds of things and be so patient with her. I just Heart her.

Just a peek over the side of the deck you can see the water that is just a short walk away..

Doesnt she look like a Frog??

And In conclusion...It was wonderful to see everyone and Amelia and her mommy will be in town till Sat..they will be back closer to us when they go to my inlaws "real house" (lol)
BUT BUT madie was a PAIN!!! The on and off crying! Oh gawd! Sat night she just would NOT no no crying this particular evening...just waking about 2 times making her motor boat noises....Yeah laugh it up..but I got zero sleep...I wanted to put her in a sound proof room! The house was packed! we all had beds but no more spare rooms left to move her...This pic is from the baby shower that we threw for Annie...I was bout to give up....
teething stinks!!
NOW as I type...Hubby is making her laugh hysterically...oh...15 minutes before bedtime and we are about to watch Intervention...yeah. LOL..
Home again home again...back to the grind.
Prayers for sweet Reagan and for lil Zoey for continued good health :) and less seizures and more sleep! And specially for Austins mom..who is feeling helpless against Austins Seizures and reeeeally needing a time out. :(


Karen said...

Looks like loads of fun! Just being out there on the beach is relaxing enough to take away all that screaming during the day! Ahhhhh breath in that fresh air....wish I was there! Lil Madie you are just to precious lil doll! (((hugs))) to ya girls! Were thinking about ya.

Holli said...

So so jealous...I dreamed of beaches last night!! :-)

I loved the pic of Madie sitting in her "sand chair"..

Thanks for thinking of us..I'm really doing different than usual really. Seizures aren't outrageously higher than normal, I'm just getting sick of seeing him doped up when he's still having 100 seizures a day. Ya know, if he's still having that anything working? Doesn't seem like it. I'd like to see where the meds end and Austin begins. I wanna know what is 100% him again.