Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To say the cottage is relaxing is an understatement...I just love going there...I just love the small private beach and of course that its like 8 degrees cooler there than home! Ahhhh lovely breeze! I was really tired Saturday but I was determined to go and have a good time...My allergies have been SO bad this season...and I tell ya, if I did not find allergy meds in the bathroom at the cottage I would have never lasted! Finally I was able to get a good night sleep...or the saying on the wall stands true.

We dug madie a lil sand chair in the sand and she was content as can be, I snapped some pictures of her.. the sun was so bright in her eyes she got upset soon and we had her in her stroller..I really want to get some kind of baby tent for her..LOL that would be awesome...or just remember ti bring our umbrella next time ;)

I cooked Dinner for my Brother in laws...all three of them plus a girlfriend and hubby and after madie was in bed I retreated to bed with my Allergy Med and my book I was opting out of festivities...It was all good :)
I all ready cant wait to have many more fun times here and watch madie grow up going here. its so nice. About an hour away in Nyantic CT...

Not much else here..madie and her teething continue to nag her and when I give her some Tylenol and some nice cold Milk she is alll better :) SOMETIMES waking in the night but usually just loud happy noises...U can certainly tell when your child is feeling better and has less seizures...its like an awakening...for real. The new found wakefulness is something I dunno if Madie knows what to do with!! and this comes to her at 3am! gah!

We continue to truck along...she has great therapists working with her...She has been bout a week off her Clonopin with no ill effect....happier if you ask me...Down to ZOnegran and Depa-Kene Valproric Acid and her Vitamin...her Carnatine.
And all is OK..
Tonight mama goes out for a much needed girls night..Hubby has taken on Madison Duty for the night since he has to get up so early in the AM..
Hugs mamas....keep the faith.


Holli said...

So jealous of the beach party! Our closest beach was pretty much obliterated thanks to Hurricane Ike last year...so probably no "beaching" for us this summer...:-( I guess we always have the lake...not the same though!

By the way, so so SO glad to hear Madie is doing much better! And that the latest wean didn't have a bad effect on her. What a relief it must be to get her off a med and know that she can do without it...and still not have any big seizures!!

Austin's having both spasms and possibly atonic seizures. The atonics are still iffy..Doctor hasn't seen any in person and is only going on my description...there's still a lot in question.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed your much needed girls' night!!


Karen said...

Those are some adorable pics...LOVE it! SHes such a doll. And they do make lil tents that would be perfect for the beach. My sis in law has one and its blue its not a full top just half top so you dont lose your view but you are protected from the sun. Not sure where she got it though.

Reagan Leigh said...

Those pictures are just the cutest ever!! I love the "sand chair"!! Reagan needs one of those! Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing time! You deserve it! And so does Madie!!