Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Pictures and A break from Seizure

Some Pictures I wanted to Post..A lil break from Seizure Talk..:)
~A funny yet painfull story...I sliped on a fabric softener on my wood floor and now have two bruised knees now!
~I watched the Season Finale of LOST last night and cried!
~My husband got me a card for mothers day that plays "cha cha cha Chia" (like the chia

Madie is giggling in her crib for no reason...can i just record her?? she licks her tounge around in circles with her big bad molars comming in! I may have posted this pic

Above is Madie and Dad on the of my favorites.
This is madie "fake coughing" below.. Dont ask...LOL she just does it! all her lil grunts and noises and screams and Bvvvvvvvv's are just so funny! I try to focus on these good things and just be pateint for the rest...Cause that trip to Disney still needs to be booked lil one!!

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Holli said...

What sweet pics! I loved the coughing one...and that's awesome she makes those sounds! :-)

Oh, and I found out yesterday that the beach here IS open (there's just no more houses)...imagine that! Maybe we will make it...doubtful, but maybe!

Hang in there!!