Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Kid. (feelin good)

To say that Madison is feeling better is an understatement! LOUD and LOUDER...sometimes at 3am sometimes at 2am...sometimes at that tricky hour of 4ish..
How can I be anything but sleep deprived...she is an angel. I have noticed her getting a lil more tolerant of things near her mouth...stuffed toys, my finger(which she will bite!),her blankee...she puts in her mouth and pulls it.. its the cutest.
As far as food..wellllll ehhhhhh I am not the best at trying her food every day but its better...Apples seem to be the fan favorite so far...and when the spoon comes close to her mouth she shakes her head no no no no and wont let it in...
She is also getting her top left molar in OUCHIE...gums are raw back there but its not anything that has been as bad as that bottom molar...dunno

Summer is is weird in New England...tonight they say FROST and the rest of the week we will BOIL...hahaha whooooo knows! We all look forward to many more weekends at the cottage and some camping trips roughin it in our We have a HUGE tent we can fit madies pack and play inside with our air mattress...I am still pushin hubby to get an Aero bed.. Ours is a Pancake when you wake up!!!
Anyhooooooo in other news..
Wein off Clonopin has been great. she is so much more awake and happier if you ask me! Stupid Pills...GAH! I called the Neuro and told them that she has been off for 2 weeks now and that she is doing fine...NOW there ARE Some twitches that we need to iron out and I think this is where weight gain comes in handy kiddo!! I am hoping to soon increase her Depakote a tad and get rid of these darn twitches...I have yet to hear back...I had to leave a message.
She is still on Zonegran 50mg at night only as well..:)

I am hoping tonight that Madison calms down enough to go to bed by her usual 9pm...last night she was up till 11! Oh by 10 I put her in her bed and let her entertain herself...she woke this AM with the WET wet diaper but slept till bout 8..

Although she is doing Ok I am always on the edge of my seat hoping that i will never see those big dreaded seizures...going strong kid.
I hope everyone is well..Sorry to cut this one short...gotta work on getting kiddo to bed now. "get with it mama!"

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Holli said...

Great pics...and, man, she does look so happy!!!

So, is she soley on the Depakote now?

Hope she keeps feeling better and better!! :-)