Friday, May 8, 2009

R&R Time

The Weekend at last!
This weekend I am anxious to get back to my inlaws beach cottage and relax...hopefully get some pictures of madie on the beach looking sweet :)
Not much change in madie these days..have yet to take the stroller for a spin dunno if between my overpacking and the cooler of goodies that we can fit it in my Honda..Its all good.
Tonight I scamper to do last minute laundry and hubby is going to play cards with the neighborhood guys...
Madie has been sportin a lil cold..runny runny runny...sneezin and sneezin...lots of mucus..I tell her that is what mamas shirt is for...LOL I really want to say she is having allergies..can little kids get seasonal allergies? Cause Im just DYIN...tree pollen after a good few days of rain is full force..We hope if we all just keep our hands clean and wipe up those messy sneezes she will be good as new by Mon.. I can hear her coughing as well :( she sounds like such a little person...
Anyhooooo I wish everyone a wonerfull mothers plans here...I am going to the salon on Monday to get a much needed hair cut and highlight..I feel like a movie star when my hair dresser is done with me! The Gay men do theeee best hair I tell ya!Maybe hubby and I will make a date for dinner my sister in law has said she will sit..
Hugs mamas..stay strong. keep lil Zoey, Austin and Reagan in your prayers that Reagan gets a break from these nasty seizures and some much needed rest for mama.. and Zoey makes it thru her treatments with flying colors...And Austin..big guy..just hang in there.Im thinking about you all...:)

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