Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stroller is HERE!

WOO HOO!! we ordered it in Jan!

I think she very much enjoys crusin in this bad boy...it was raining today I am not ready to get it muddy...LOL

We are so blessed to have such a great Birth to Three service that covered ALL out of pocket cost for this stroller...total cost with insurance AND Birth to Three was almost 5 grand!! eeeek!!

WHEN madie doesnt need this stroller SOME day...I plan on donating it to another child. :)

Got a call yesterday letting me know that the stroller will be delivered between 1 and 3 TODAY..Along with a guy named Mike who will assemble it and explain the thing to me...
Madie was up last night at 245am screaming...I can only assume teething?? I have seen no big seizures?? She has also found a love LOVE for Milk...(or did I give her gas from her Milk? eh?)she just chugs it down..nice and cold! No heating! This morning she was refusing her bottle but when I sat her down to have some banannas she ate a good few spoonfulls. and a half bottle of milk...Its better than nothing but an 8oz Milk only had 150 calories..better than NONE...eh?? I just need to get food in that tum tum with her meds...they can certainly upset her tummy with no food.
feeding therapy is cancelled this week cause the girl is on vacation in Bermuda..I tell ya, she is younger than me!

*sigh* ANYHOOOooooo
I better get myself into gear its already Quarter after 9 and her OT will be here in 15 min...EEK! Hey madie NO sleeping on your blankeee!! Ahhh!! :)!!
Later..... Therapy was a bust...madie wanted her nap..and was not about to let someone make her bounce on the yoga ball...oh well..till next week huh?

(((( HUGS))))


Holli said...

Hope the long wait for the stroller is finally over!!

Love the pic on the post...such a big smile!


el faraj said said...

nice angel let that days be memory when we find our queen for futurs
you are so sweet babygirl like red in snowing day

Karen said...

I like the new wheels Madie! Glad you finally got it! I wish our early intervention would have been so kind to fork out the money for her bed. Instead we got stuck with the bill since the insurance stuck it to us too after we had it for a year! BOOOOOOOO! I so wish we could donate her bed but we are having to pay $3700 for that thing and she isnt even using it!

Happy for you!


Karen said...

Oh yeah hope she keeps up on eating! My kiddos love that ice cold milk....Anything is better than nothing!!!!!Cameran is still a vary very picky eater and sometimes goes all day without eating because she is so stubborn. Little stinkers they just like to keep us on our toes and worry worry worry....LOL!

Holli said...


so glad it made it!!

Reagan Leigh said...

She looks like she loves it!! That's so great! I still can't believe you didn't have to pay a cent! I hate Texas!!