Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend! finally!

One year why can madie sit in this pic? She was on her...uh...I wanna say Predisone at the time..we were gearing up to move into our house..I was dragging her back and forth to the new house so I could clean for a few hours and then we would go back to the Apt and get a load of stuff...whew! The ability to sit has come and gone 3 times!
I guess not much to report today...its pouring rain today...a bad seizure this AM has just thrown madie off alllll stinkin day! fighting her naps and not giving me a moment to really do anything. Im tired but hubby and I are going to go out to dinner tonight and listen to some music and wonderfull grandma is babysitting! Hubby has been working alot and its finally a day off for him soooo we are taking advantage of it.
I just want that ONE morning that I can wake on my leasure....just one morning I can wake refreshed...I forgot what not being tired feels like!!
No word on Madisons stroller yet...everytime I hear that things have been sent in to insurance the week after that I hear the same thing "things have just been sent out to insurance"...over and over....madisons PT is pushing them along with hopes of things gettting faster....ehhh no rush I guess.
Hubby and I plan on taking madie to the salon this weekned for her first haircut...NON-MOM a little "eveninig"......hahah Ill post pics of that! haha
Thinking of all you mamas....
Tinkering with the backgrounds...I dunno what I like anymore! haha
Well its the weekend and Amen to that!
Keep ya posted. :)

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