Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A great weekend.....and Mama forgetting med dose...

Hello :)
HAd a great weekend visiting my sister in Mass...we stayed at her boyfriend's parents house since her condo is a mear 700 square feet...haha It was good food and good chats and good fun. I was newly introduced to her condo that had just been purchased some time ago and had to be renovated and I tell ya she has some pretty good decor! I was jealous!! I am so proud of where she is in life...despite her learning difficulties she is a smart girl. living independantly and happy.

Madison was wonderful eating well and sleeping well and usually happy hangin out with whomever wanted to play...We say there is someting in the water in that small town
ONE seizure on Sunday morning that put her to sleep for an hour or so but she woke just dunno folks...still so unpredictable!!!
We kinda screwed up her Zonegran while we were there as well...her last dose was Sunday she gets it every other day ...and at home I have my calendar that I write a small "Z" in the corner of the days so that when I am in a foggy morning haze I can just look at the calendar and know what meds to brew up with her Depakote and her Vitamin...
Well mama forgot....and now its wed!! In my mind I want SOOoooo badly to discontinue her Zonegran...but I also know that going against the docs...well.....:{ dunno
I have seen no Ill effects and only fear as I felt that I did not want to give her her med..she has a big seizure midway thru her morning bottle...SO what now?? when she wakes do I just pop a Zonegran down the hatch...???(she is sleeping now..has only had her Depakote and her Vitamin) SO that would make this week as far as seizures so on SUnday and one on Wed (today)....
This also brings me back when I quit my Paxil years ago cold turkey and......NOT GREAT....completely different med but same concept of "just quitting" instead of weaning....

Weekend was great and Madie makes out like a bandit with new outfits and some new Easter bunnies... My sister and I also went shopping at Homegoods and spent WAY too much money..bout I got Madie along with my goodies a lil toy that when I put in her stroller with her she full hugged it and fell asleep....AWwwww! How can I not buy this small 8 dollar Lion...:)! I also made dinner for everyone my last night serving up the famous manicottis :) I always hold in the tears saying goodbye until I am driving away....I miss those guys already :((( We will hopefully plan a summer trip to come on back and have some BBQ's!!
Hubby also couldn't come this time around he was stuck working going to meetings in a town that the company he works for along with another and another are going to dig up peoples contaminated stuff eh??
Well I guess that is that for today....I may hear a little stir in Madison...:)
Hope everyone is well..keep ya posted! No new pics today :( hee hee

:) ME

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