Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeding Therapy and Break Dancing

Super Dooper happy girl! Sitting on the couch with those feet...she'll be a 9 and a half like mama I just know it!
Seizures have been reeeeeally good!! Oh man I still hold my breath each day....lil Madie just loves roll! and she is beginning to get up on those elbows! I call her a break dancer when she gets on a "roll" lol..and these CURLS!! I am in loooove!!

feeding therapy with Katie went great today...we dip dip dip her little suckie fingers in her pears and she was eating...I was shocked that there was no fuss...only after I showed her how I jam the spoon in her mouth did she get upset....DOH. Still very unaccepted of a spoon in her mouth.

But we were given a website to buy this thing called a NUK brush I dunno..we tried one and she was eh...more into the fingers. Its a start. She was such a big girl! I really like the jiggler toy madie loves to bite it and lets it in her mouth...runs about 20 bucks..but our OT got one for us for the low low price of FREE..
Little break dancer...last night NOT a bit sleepy mama! Im tearin it up!
Today we also have her PT coming hopefully madie will show some of her strength for her..:) She has arranged a meeting at the school for madie to get introed into her therapies thru the school system...I am terrified that madie will be in school?? To me she is still a baby..but in reality she will be 3!! (well stil a It will be 3 days a week for 3 hours...not bad at all...a much needed break for me....I was seriously thinking of joining a YOGA
No word on her stroller yet...hopes are maybe using it for a year...TOPS and then we can burn the thing!!
Its been a long rainy few days in CT...Sunday was the nicest day we have had so far this week..its still just too cloudy and cold...where is spring? I am so anxious to buy some new shrubs for the yard and plant some new things as well...its so relaxing. Looking forward to Easter dinner at the families...I am happy that grandma vanNoordennen decided not to go to Marinellis for brunch. :) I am making my chocolate cake (agaist all diet regulations) and green bean casserole..put your OH face on! deeeelicious!
Hope everyone is well and hangin in there...Happy Easter
Illl be postin.

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Holli said...

Sounds like it's looking up in CT!! Good deal...what a big girl!!

Oh, and our OT swears by the Nuk brush. We use it everyday. We keep in the freezer too...she says it's better cold...dunno.

Talk soon!