Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a good weekend..:)

Madison is nothing short of crazy! Now the worst of it has been horrible tooth pain she is having..she is not so much drooling as she is gagging on her own saliva..Had a moment when I was trying to feed her a bottle and she gagged and gaggged and Ohhh blouse was covered...along with Grandmas red blanket that we were snuggled up in...(But I washed it and its safe!!I was freaking cause its some weird material...) Sooooo It was a word to the wise to let madie swallow what is in her mouth before I go with bottle! eek!
She is a rolling machine! No doubt I will have to "adjust her path" a couple times as I type this she is full of mostly the same noises...chirps and squeals and her "monster kid"
Seizure wise we are truckin along with no huge seizures in...few weeks now...twitches are persistant...dunno how we can get those outta here...I think I have said before that they look like a seizure that wants to start but its being blocked..gah!!

I snuck in to check on her napping and what I saw just melted was so cute her little tootsies sticking o ut from under her crib bumper..
Her sleep is pretty good..(sorry reagans mom) she had a tough time sleeping yesterday due to her teeth but a half dose of tylenol settled her enough...Madie also has super hard poopies...oh man a diaper full of pebbles...LOL BUT its commin out!!

Had a great time taking care of My in laws beach cottage this weekend as well..the beach was a super foggy with the warm front comming in soooo NEXT weekend I will get some pictures on the beach...
One night my brother in laws girlfriend came to hang out and we both being pretty good cooks still went out for
Stayed up way too late drinking wine and was fun :) Such a cozy house it is.. Then on Saturday madie and I walked thru town and went into some in particular that I thought maybe I could get her a kids Nyantic CT T-shirt but went inside and it was certainly a "head shop" you know, those shops that sell "for tobacco use only" pipes....LOL! I kept sneezing from the smell of the incense but came out with a bright colored dress for madie and a hippy blouse for myself. :) As I was leaving I noticed that madies blanket was gone...ya know since madie is SO good at holding on to I tell her "hold on to your blankee Madison" Well We found it in on the sidewalk...I guess I had walked thru the store without it the whole time...
I just loved that little even has an old movie theater that has maybe 4-5 screens and shows latest movies..One of my favorites is the Book outdoor/indoor used book store all these little farmers market carts filled to the brim with books outside with a huge weaping tree covered in purple flowers that we just walk under and flowers and pretty gardens can sit and read your carefull though some that are down low are WET...get some soggy
Came out with some good treasures from Nyantic... I cant wait to go back :) I am hoping my mother in law can show me around and see some new shops close by :)

Well anyhoo....Hubby is comming home late tonight from his Road Trip with his brother and his brothers They drove from Colorado to CT...yuppers...almost 50 hours I want to say....They stayed in Cami territory last night Tennessee! He teased me and said he was going to go visit Cami..I said "Nooo!! I wanna come!!" hahaha now at about 6am tenneseee time he was off again this morning hoping to get home in 16 hours...
I have more or less kept myself busy its been a good weekend but i am ready to have him home..:) mama is tired!!
Today is another hot day...nearly 90!! I only have a couple errands to run some returns at target...I know hubby always loves and get some Milk...I hate it when we run out of milk! we drink alot in this house! lol
Hope all is well mamas...lots of huggs and prayers for all the lil ones. I am not soo much a prayer person but I am a firm beliver in guardian angels...and I have alot of them....I can share :)


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Madie is quite the contortionist in that second pic!!! I joke around about Sophie being a little Eddie Murphy with all her sound effects. Sometimes I can't figure out how she makes some of those noises...some of them are so odd.

Karen said...

Wow that was quite a drive! I would have been out of my mind I cant even handle the 10 hours to my moms! But a visit would have been nice but not without the ol gals ;)
And man that girl is limber....looks painful!