Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Madie Madie Madie. :)

Madie Madie Madie...did SO good with her "dip dip" her fingers in her food yesterday..loved her applesauce! It was SOOOOOO MESSY!! I was thinking of buying just a large jar of Motts..but thinking the sugar may be high..but Illl look..:) Anyhooooo
I was frustrated the other day when I gave a ring to the Neuro folks...and told them of madies annoying twitches with her Clonopin decrease. (which has been lil over a week on her half of a half a mg tablet...err wafer..which say they dissolve but eh...its tricky...NOT as bad as the Topamax pellets...LOL..anyone who has had those..ghee wiz, Id find those things under my couch cushions!!
SOOOO I called the Nuero and they came back with "You have to deal with the twitches or go up on the Clonopin"....NO JOKE.... DEAL with it???
SO I said I am getting her off that drug no matter what.
They want to go no further with her Zonegran and Depakote so we are staying where we are at.
But Gee Wiz..."Deal with it"..? It was just a little weird. ehhh call me crazy..:/

A bug bit madie on the cheek on Monday...I was like: "Eh? whats that?" well if you wonder what the red dot on her cheek is...yuppers a bug bite of sorts...she was absolutly fine.. It has now reduced itself to what looks like a pimple..lol

Teeething continues to be a challenge...ya just never know when that burst of Sccccreeaaaams willl come...but she is generally in a great mood. ROLLING alllll over the floor...CMON madie get those arms workin!! Still pretty poor upper body steanth...forget the old fashioned Tummy Time...LOL she will burst out of that as soon as you put her on her tummy....LOL
She took a tumble off the couch yesterday as well!! I was sittting with her and I had the Oven pre-heating for dinner...I was making some Boboli Pizza...yummers...and the over beeped and I literally ran over, put the tray in the oven and came back to her falling....OH GEE....*sigh* how many times she bonks her head rollin....LOL

I just hope that these things she is doing are signs of progress...Its always hard to tell for me any improvements since I see her every day..others will say she is different...not a few months ago was she rolling as she is today though...
EATING is still a pain at times...but workin on it. :) :) I have faith..

Hubby is finally back from his Journey of driving as well. Yesterday we went to check out his pictures he took and the camera said "memory card error" Ohhh boy...So 40 bucks and a new camera for mama we had pictures..Ritz Camera was going out of business and they had camreas all on sale...and they ran a software thru the memory card and found some pictures...mostly old deleted madie pictures but he got some..ehhhh anyhoo. I gotta Hussle we have feeding therapy in 30 min! EEEK!
hang in there mamas
Say some good strong Prayers for Reagan and Zoey...the lil troopers Im thinking of you both today.
HEY Karen I have a great Spider Picture for you...this bad boy is webbing RIGHT on my front porch!! EEEK Stay Tuned....LOL


Holli said...

Deal with it huh? Sounds a little insensitive to me...But, glad to hear the big ones are still under control.
Your persistence to get her off some of the meds will pay off..if nothing else, you'll at least have a better idea of what's doing what!

Holli said...

Oh, yeah, I LOVE the Cruisers!! Funny thing, after wearing them for over 8 months, Austin's lil bum just started breaking out all over. Pedi said it was most likely the diapers...so we switched and I haven't found a comparable one yet!! Huggies leak & Luvs are like putting a plastic bag on his rear!! (But he's not breaking out anymore)