Saturday, January 10, 2009

A small sigh of releif...

Madie's blood came back just fine...she is tolerating the meds just fine....I expressed my concern for her lack 0f appetite.....its like they say in not so many words "whould you rather her have seizures or eat well?" UGH.....Of course I dont want her to have seizures..! She also needs to grow! her weight gain has been slooooooooow..she is just not hungry and gaining longness! she is so tall!! Tall and skinny like her dad I always say! Her Depakote Level was 52....which is low...and with no help from the doctors I was able to understand the numbers...(thank you cami's mom :) :)....I guess they look for numbers between 50 and 100...over 100 they are getting too much med...its a gradual increase as they have told me...We have not seen the horribe strong seizure since Wed night...errr...when I posted last.....dunno...I would not doubt for a minute that was why her seizures were getting bad....
There is no OK to lower meds yet....I think and kinda agree that we need to have a long time without seizures....It will maybe take months!!
I still worry about madie and her physical development....dunno what to expect from her...she has finally trying to roll agian...flipping herself over pretty well....does great on the yoga ball as welll that I got from (10 bucks!)
Well I cant say there is much else to report...Hubby and I are taking madie out to Home Depot today to spend a 125 gift card we got for christmas hoping to find something cool for house...and you know I LOOOOooooove shopping :))))
Also a couple pics of the ice storm we got Wed is right outside the door on our walway after I hacked it with the shovel for 3.5 seconds and gave up...second is the driveway....with hubbys car spot spared...hahaha

Keep Lil Austin in your thoughts as well...he will be joining the Depakote Club!! Welcome Kiddo!
Keep us posted mama....I looooooove the latest pic....enlarge and frame!!!
Hugs mamas
Lil Regan as are quite the sweetpea! keep those smiley have a strong mama :)
Ok Im outta here :) lol

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Karen said...

Uggghhhh cant say I agree with their thinking on the seizure freedom or a starving child...relatively speaking! Its important to have both. A healthy child that eats well can more than likely tolerate the meds better equaling in possibly more improvements on her development. But instead so many meds on a light belly is knocking her out causing her not to be able to handle so many meds. You might need to look into a second opinon that seems strange to me.
No problem with the number help, thats what we are all here for ;)