Monday, January 12, 2009

mommys big girl!

A WHOLE 10 minutes in her stander!! AND SMILES!! verrrrry rare!!
I am so proud of my big girl tonight!! Ohhh she is teething up a storm and I have been trying to feed her small bottles alll day...but she is in good spirits so far today...few naps! Maybe it will be like last night when she went to bed at the perrrfect 8pm...and slept all night!! whew! After her 10 minutes she had had enough for sure...its alot of work!!

"Mama, get me out, I dont wish for this anymore"
I am still really nervous about the feeding team apt ON THURSDAY!! ahhh!! Ill let you all know how that went....
Hmmmmm OH OH alllllso made an apointment with Genetics again...that is not till March but I will certainly let all know how that went when it comes....."just give me answers!" get my baby girl on her feet!!
Increased Depakote seems to be working...she is sleepy from her other meds...but I can tell she is feeling was rough 2 weeks of her seizures....she is beginning to try to roll I am optimistic...cant really think about genetic apointment I will just enjoy her being happy for now...:)
Just wanted to post these pics...
:) ME

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