Saturday, January 31, 2009

Giggle Bugs and Feeding Teams

I bought this shirt on the employee website...bullseye shop...hahahahah "sorry foks" it was like 5 bucks!! I am a sucker for vintage T's...and probably have theee biggest collection...haha She is quite he giggle bug lately farting noises on any part of her feet and tummy will send her head back in full giggles...hahah
WELLLLLL Feeding team..are ya wonderin?? Well it went alot better than last time..we had a 3pm appointment which was better for madie than the morning appointment...she had still fought off a nap all day and I was super worried that we would once again get a screamer..
Well Hubby went with me this time to meet them all which was great so he can get a feel for what is going on as well.
We talked about doing a barium swallow study...which I am hoping will come out fine..I mean she eats her bottle just fine and when she does take her food she swishes it in her mouth for a bit but unless you put heaping spoonfuls she wont gag "every time" she has never has any issues with breathing or the dreaded Pneumonia....BUT they want to do one anyhoo...AND if that goes well we can go to this other team of feeding folks closer to our town...not having to drive to the Hospital once a week. (they want once a week)
They gave us recommendations for as follows...
Boost Essentials 5.1....LOADED with calories but not sold in stores...have to get cases delivered to house! bout 50 bucks for a case...which as like I dunno...24-27...dont have the paper nearby to check....
AND they gave us this sample of this stuff called Its a powder stuff that we add like a teaspoon to bottles and food and it adds calories...the paper she gave me on it looked like all outdated...but its a Canadian thing A 4 pack of that stuff is like almost a 100 bucks!! you get large cans similar to formula cans...also dont have the sheet nearby to tell exact amounts... THEN they say that we can add Oil to her veggie oil to add calories as well...and they want like 3 shakes and 2 jars of food a day!! Geeeze!!
Well I will be excited just to get more calories and nutrients in her weather its a gazillion bottles or not...she will be getting more calories than what she gets now!
Madison even took a few bites of her pears for the lady...(she was speech therapist...sorry) watched as madie ate and even put her stethoscope to her neck...which was not successful cause madie was like "what the heck is that cold thing on my neck?" hahaha it was funny...
BUT they say she was swallowing well....but still hard to tell...
It was Ok...I cannot say that I felt the interrogation that I felt last time...It was good to have hubb with me too :) OHHhhhh we will get thru this lil one...bump in the road..:) :)
Well....they were very unpredictable...and I know that each time we tinker with Depakote we have to be patient that it never worked overnight.,...I mean it was like a month after we even started till she was seizure free that month of Dec! Sooooo also I take into consideration the decrease of her Zonegran....WHAT A HAPPIER KID!!! I hate hate hate that med!! Absolutely no eating! she would maybe take 2 bottles a day! and now....
I had her eating "Spring vegetable mix" The Earths Best Organic..."fancy shmacy stuff" (on sale at the store!!) last night...I like to call it "green slime" and of all things...she gobbled it up!! here I was, buying all these delightful flavors....and well....maybe I should buy some yucky ones...hahaha
Ya never know..the second time I feed it to her she could compleatly reject it!!
It was good day yesterday...she was happy and she ate and she had no seizures!! lets keep it up madie!!! We can only hope and seee....yah never know.

THIS Little Booger was in our recycle bin a couple days ago!! hahahaha!!! My husband is addicted to those Arizona Iced tea things....THOSE ARE NOT Seagrams bottles...hahaha( hey we had some people ask...)
PS great talking to you Karen!! I laughed at your "southern drawl"I just looved it! Do I have an accent as well??? Do I sound funny??
Huggs mamas...
You are in my thoughts Lil Regan....keep smilin...and be patient with your Depakote Austin...:)

PS also going to see if Insurance will cover the Boost and we can claim the "failure to thrive" but I dunno...wish us luck.....

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