Friday, January 8, 2016

Frrrrriday heyheyhey

Thank you all for your heartfelt comments...I need the love right now. One of your comments came in twice but that is ok. lol I thought many times about writing a book about myself and about love and loss and raising a disabled child and depression and alcoholism.. ya know the SANE stuff..But just havent. I guess I could start one page at a time I dunno.

I also am probably the only person who doesnt have WORD on her computer. I have to get myself out of this pit of despair! I feel so beat up..
Christmas is all packed away and Madie has been back at school doing her thing. I dunno all is pretty calm I suppose.
Woke up in the middle of the night with shooting lower back pain and almost had to take some advil or something but it eased up after a bit...but MAN... ugh. I feel so old. Did you know that American Idol has been on for 15 seasons?? 15! That's a geezer moment for ya! LOL
Trying to just keep on...OH and the same one who told me that I don't know who I am blamed me for the demise of things..telling me it was my fault. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I BLAMED MYSELF???? That I could have given more..?? Well ya know what when one is not receiving anything its hard for the other to feel the love and that is how I DONT blame myself....Two to Tango. And really...even after that storm calmed a couple days later I still have not seen an apology...

And we are. Friday at last... I have been flying solo with Madie while he was on vacation with the family and horse face... (did not know that till her ADORABLE selfie from New Years surfaced...)
I am very much ready for some Jamie Time..I will probably cry when he drives off with my lil bug this weekend but I NEED some rest... I have to go with it. I have too. I am thinking a little Thai Food and a movie on demand or something sounds SO nice tonight. I call it THIGH Food...LOL Its so so so GOOD! The place is weird and had little Christmas lights up all year round and closes in the middle of the day than re opens at Its also a BYOB place which makes up for the 14 dollar pineapple rice!
So yeah...
OH also in about a month the make a wish granters will come with our wish delivery! Our flight leaves out of Hartford at SIX AM...WHEW> They will come and bring us our itinerary and tickets and spending debt card etc and we will eat some pizza or meet up someplace and GET this going! Feb 19th cant come soon enough! I cant wait to swim with those happy captive dolphins! Madie is going to love all the water play and the aquarium (yes there is an aquarium!) Oh man..still doesn't feel real.
Hope everyone is well and hangin in there. Happy Holidays or Festivus or whatever your families celebrate :) Im feeling the love! Sorry I have to moderate comments.. A long while back we were all getting comments written in Chinese they were flooding into a few blogs...and since I put a "check before publish" per say It has worked. lol
XO have a great weekend folks.
HEres some funny pictures I have mustered up for your viewing pleasure. yes that is from an actual kids book...I laughed so hard! I really like funny pictures....

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