Friday, January 3, 2014

Holidays Holidays and more Holidays

First post of the New Year.

Im not gonna lie 2013 sucked. Just Sucked. This year has to be better right??? All my Chinese fortunes have been reeeealllly good!

In Madie news I spoke with her nutritionist and we have increased her calories for her KEtocal... I did NOT increase her meds as suggested by her Neuro...I don't feel that it is the drugs at this point that need a tinker.... THIS DIET this amazing times seizures can get bad and I am talking every few months..... Like I may see like 5 which is a terrible month for her. A good month would be maybe 1-2 or sometimes a third one can creep in there and then its not a good month... Seizures Seizures Seizures.....

My Baby girl is eating well today which is hard to do with her...I need her to chug a lug those ketocal sippies! FOUR of them! over 1700 calories in my girl if all goes well...if she drinks alllll of it and sometimes it can take her an hour or so to get thru one. She enjoys shaking her sippy and if that sippy is leaky oh man look out. What does NOT have Ketocal on it at this point? The famous keto greasy stains on her clothes... lol

And well here we go embarking in a new year....2014. I feel so old at 36.. NEVER imagined my life where it is today. In my own place and alone. Well I do have an awesome little Madie with me! ;) She was pretty sick for awhile with a nasty nasty strain of strep throat then just plain sick with a fever that would not quit...two rounds of anti-biotics and WHEW kiddo is ok. I was not feeling well on Christmas and neither was dad...We all kinda got sick. He was all bragging how he got the flu shot too LOL I had to make fun of him for that as he is popping meds.. BUT we have all recovered and back to school she went yesterday for a half day.
Snow had us snowed in today but I am more or less shoveled out to my car. Landlord is pretty cool he knows I need the path a little wider to wheel madie out to her bus. :)
Christmas was fun. I was very much welcomed by my awesome families both in CT and Jersey. I went to Jersey solo for the "Christmas before Christmas party" that my side of the family throws each year. Super Fun and SUper Hangovers! lol I drove home from Union City which was an hour closer than Brick where the party was....(from one aunts house to the Driving on Palasades Parkway hungover in almost zero visibility fog was BAD. It was the week where it got super warm almost 70! and little snow that was left was melting and driving near the water forget it. I made it home in 3 hours. It was great to see the Jersey Gang. We ate tons of fatty foods and played games to win prizes and exchanged gifts. My Grandmother who is near mid 80's gets such joy from Christmas and making up all the raffles for "prizes" She is just amazing. Amazing.
Christmas was spent on the Homefront.(I put my compromising big girl panties on for Christmas Eve..... No one really said anything about it and I did not really want to know...almost like the day never existed....)

I made some pie and cookies and brought Madie. Welcomed with open arms, Presents and yummy foods! :) I felt after that day that NO matter what hapends I will always be a member of the family always. Madies Great Grandma was there too which was really nice to see her she is elderly and has trouble with things but she was in great spirits and hangin out with the best of us. :) She and I talked for a little while and she looks at me and tells me that I will always be loved and that I am always a member of the family I almost cried. What a shitty time I have been thru...the love from everyone was the best. I told her that I loved everyone too glad that she came to enjoy the day with us all.
Family. Just Great Awesome Family. Blessed.

I was a little under the weather but I stayed for awhile and we played some Apples to Apples and by then it was time to pack up and get the booger kiddo home.

I have been Ok. I was talking to a mom from Madies school and she was like "Oh you are always so upbeat" LOL Oh I had to laugh....Not always I tell her but Its just nice to meet new moms and talk and hear that her daughter just adores madie. I talked to her again a few days ago and she was also getting over the nasty sickies that madie had had as well....go figure the kids are in the same class!
Today is snow day and there is NO degree in the air. I tried to shovel a little in the front but even with my gloves on my hands got numb.

Okay well Madie is making a big mess with her sippy right now....AH!! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am glad the busy time is over but each year its bitter sweet to take all the decorations down. :( I love Christmas Lights! Always wanted to go to NY to see the tree.....Maybe someday I will.


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