Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stand Tall.

I am surprisingly calm today.
I pray to my Angels that I can stay calm tomorrow and keep my Anxiety in watch over me and hold me up... Its been over a year since the battle of the wits began and almost 2 years that crap hit the fan..... Im just DONE. Kapoot. The law vs my heart has given me nothing but sleepless nights and tears. I am tired of being hurt. I may keep to myself for awhile but I will blog again I promise... And whatever happends...well It will take a Miracle at this point.....

I really dont know what else to say today. I had bad ass poison ivy and its almost gone but my legs are all marked up...than two days later landscapers came and butchered the shrubs....Go Figure. Madie has not lost anymore toofs... I went to see a special school for Madie and am up in the air about what is right to do... SIgning another year in my duplex was sad...maybe another year and than I may have to look for one story places... The weather in CT is very nice today as well. I feel blah. Kinda Numb really. Surprisingly calm. No one will go with me I will stand by myself conquering my fears and tears but when its all done I go home drained..possibly have a good messy cry...ready to hug my sweet girl and get cozy on our blankets...maybe just order a big fatgirl pizza for me.


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