Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tra La la la la

Madie has been a mess with constipation the past couple days...I gave her a suppository at 430 in the afternoon yesterday and STILL no movement! Then we gave her some Miralax with her Keto this AM about 8am and now she is cryyying and has fallen asleep. Its 11am now as I type. sigh....
I fear if I keep on giving her stuff she will have a huge explosion..Well I guess thats good cause a tub tub is in her future tonight anyhoo..haha
ANYHOOOOO Poops aside. Its a gorgeous day in CT..expected to rain a little but ya fooled me. We are small town folks and there is a fair going on just this weekend nearby and we will go putz around that for a couple hours looking at animals and Ox Pulls..haha maybe grab some junk food and meet up with friends along the way. OH yesh they have the Ox Pull AND the log chopping! I kid you not! There are also some cool craft booths and food booths and tents that have baking contests and photo contests etc etc...
Hubster scrambles to get some school stuff done so we can go soon! (furthering his Science Degree)
Well anyhoo...not much else here. We had our 6 year anniversary yesterday. Kinda did not make a big fuss about it we went to dinner and came home.We had tried to go find a place where we could just go kick back a couple drinks after but on Saturday night places were wall to wall.. Traditional Gifts were Iron and Candy...I have to laugh when I get a Cast Iron Pan and some Peanut Butter Cups. Haahaha (all for giggles of course!)
Yeah so uneventful but a nice time nonetheless. Thinking back on how fun our wedding was and how we did not get home till 3am and I passed out with about 50 pins in my hair..haha And boy that Honeymoon was the best vacation ever!
back to work and preschool tomorrow...:) Gotta get madie some fall clothes..long sleeve tops and leggins...this kiddo is getting BIG! ha

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