Monday, October 31, 2011

Storms and No Power STINKS!

Well happy halloween! Absolutly no plans for us. Dont even think the little ones will be out gaithering treats in our neighborhood.:( last year we went thru 5 bags!
Ct got blasted by a snow strom on Saturday night that has left us with no power in the house. AND a tree on the house but it did nit damage thank goodness!! Hubster is traveling this week and among all the drama I think it will be good for us to take some time while he travels.I have faith that Miles and Jamie will be Ok :)We will talk nightly and Ill keep him posted on the power. In meantine Madie and I are staying at the beach house which is really like comming to another state! Zero snow has fallen here just an hour from home! I will have to go tomorrow to check on the cat and get some more of madies carnatine vitamin..
Things are out in the state..even schools are all closed due to no power and the trees all over the rd you would think we had a tornado! stinks. But Niantic is warm. Showers are warm. bed is warm. and we have a TV so we can check weather and power status'
Not much new going on with Madie..Seizures have been the usual 2-3 per month. School is going well as she has sdjusted to the afternoon hours. I am still waiting for her packet of papers to come from DSS so we can get some services for her too..but with this storm it may be longer.
Another Week...I will miss Husbter alot this week....But we'll manage with Grandmas help and a warm place to stay :)\
Hopefully power back before the week is up..the longest we went was 3 days from Hurricane Irene.
Till next Time :)

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