Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Chaaanges

Well Ok. last Post a little depressing. Yup. No doubt.
WELL here I am and I am pretty excited about a couple new things. I am seeking a helper for Madie to take my load off. I sucked up my pride and ASKED. SO Monday I am meeting with Madies wonderfull teacher and we are going to go over some stuff on getting that going. I feel a huge weight off my shoulders already and we have not even gotten the helper yet! But Ohhhhh its commin!
My Poor Hubster works alot. I am with Madie allllll the time. I am exhausted. I have lost touch with joys. my crafty side. My fun side. My smiley side. And my husband side. My Love. :( Dont Give up on me. Im commin back!
I am also seeking my own therapist to deal with my Anxiety and Depression. I have been resisting for years. Its TIME. I feel like my world is crashing around me and with me helping myself it may not. Trying to not drown myslef in a bottle of wine and be upset. One Day at a time for that...ONE day at a time. Going to bed earlier and resting..even if its just closinfg my eyes and resting..Was up at 430 today and was not about to go back to sleep. Bugger.
I may not blog for awhile I just need to clear my head. Figure out life. Figure out myself. Hubster is clearing his head too. Fears of unknown plague me but I push on. My Sweet Angel needs me. My sweet Madie will be 5 years old on Thurs...I cant believe it.
Just Remind myself to eat and stay well. What happends happends. These new changes I am seeking are going to be Awesome. With or without some people.
Madie is well. preschool has been goin. She has been eating her Keto well. She has been pooping well. She has been happy. And soon I will be again. :) I just hope others will join me. :)
(((hugs mamas)))
Ill hang in there if you do.

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