Sunday, May 15, 2011

BBQ fun and Sweet Madie :)

What can I say...madie has been a good girl.
We had a bunch of people over yesterday for a BBQ and she was just an angel! We sat out on the deck and played music and hung out grillin burgers and dogs..and my madie had NO meltdowns! It was the best gift I could have asked for yesterday as I was running back and forth to make sure all the food and beverages were out for everyone.
Its been a long 3 weeks with horrible Allergies for me..leading to dry sore throats and about 3 boxes of tissues and lots of cream on my poor nose! I kinda welcomes the little bit of rain we had yesterday that still did not get us
I have never been more welcome of the hard rain that has blessed CT this morning..finally able to open the windows and get some fresh non pollinated air!
By the end of the BBQ I was zonked. lol But what a fun time. Madie just loved sitting outside and listening to music and getting to sit on every ones lap and play bouncing or just hangin out watching the world....:) Grumpy for a little bit but then low and behold she took a NAP! eh?? I wondered if this was the same kid!
She went to bed 30 min early as well! So tuckered out from a fun day of entertainment

Other than that things are going here. Madie had a decent week at Preschool and was tuckered out by the end of each busy which I LOVE since I can actually have the morning off AND get a nap out of her when she gets home. Naps are becoming shorter and shorter for this kiddo...I believe that this point its probably Meds that she gives into when she is sleepy..:( But gosh unless this kid has a bad seizure nothing really knocks her out. Her wonderful teachers continue to nurture her and are by far the most patient women out there. :) They has Pirate Day at school and I laughed so hard at the picture of my madie with her eye patch on..hahah and she was not crying! probably had no clue what the dang thing was on her eyes but boy it was funny.
Big Girl bed is so wonderful..the prettiest bed! She is sleeping well in it..I hope. Lots of room for her and her pillows keep her from boinkin the wall has been working well.
Hubster is working alot of long days and that can be draining on me...usually by 4pm I am done...when I still have like 2 more hrs till he gets home and 5 hours till madie even goes to bed! But once she is out she is out by 9pm like clockwork.
Keto Diet has been going well...her constipation continues to be an issue..she was up at 630 screaming in her bed trying to poop. Eventually she was so tuckered out and finally went..then she was passed out again till about 9! whew. At least she went back to sleep and I was able to go back to sleep and wake somewhat refreshed.
As for Today well We are just taking it easy enjoying the welcomed rain that is supposed to stick around all may not be so welcome by Tuesday or
Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and hangin in there. Shoot, I know I am. One Day at a Time.Not Turning Cartwheels Yet!


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