Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thank you so much Winter....sigh.

This is the lovely black mold under the insulation in our basement. Snow and Ice has melted thru the walls from the ice covered deck. Yes, this sucks.
We have to use a pick axe to remove the ice from the deck its that thick. Temps have been steady at....freezing!! No thaw. Till friday (today) when its supposed to be (has melted ALOT today and Miles was up on ladder hacking gutters so they can flow..
Right now some crazy thunder storms are comming thru and bringing in that cold air once again for tomorrow.
I hate hate hate this winter...Im ready to see green..ready to play in garden..sigh.
had a carpenter guy come with a 2700 dollar estimate
Madie has been a royal grump today...not a great week at school or a good nap at home..or a poop since much is too much Miralax? Im so tired this evening..its 8 and I have yet to eat dinner..have zero motivation to cook it eaither..sigh. Oh I take that back...shes trying to push one out now...poor kid.
Insurance Guy is comming tomorrow to asses the damage in the basement. No real plans for Sat..just hangin out. Sunday we will have dinner with Miles Cousin and his Girlfriend as a nice night out. :)
Well I guess that is all my rambling for today. Not much to share really. Except a little mold picture. FUN.And lots of constipation...where does her food go?

Hope everyone is well and having a good weekend. :)
Oh and Madies Seizures have been OK...not the best but better. Cmon Ketosis!
Ok...its medicine time and BED time...This mama is tired!

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blogzilly said...

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The Music!!!!

Anyway...yeah...we have a similar problem with a leak we have to have fixed as well. I was checking it out these past couple of days in the basement to see what kind of mold issues we might have and what type of repair work we are going to need.

First off, this is a leak problem that is going to take a real expert to solve, because no real men in the family can figure it out. Aside from that, most of the floor in the foyer will have to be replaced and much of the small wall between the basement concrete wall and the upper level, about a ten foot span.

My biggest fear of the moment is having someone fall THROUGH the floor, so I was looking for any potential weak spots that needed to be supported.