Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lifes little Rambles.

Madie vanNoordennen and the Terrible no good very bad days...:(
Big Seizure this AM...ugh. Poor Angel. She was OK somewhat after so we took a trip to the bank and to Walmart where we got some odds and ends and a cutie new blankee and a st patricks T-shirt..Oh and mom needed She was happy as Dad pushed her in her stroller thru the store..they have a Subway in the Walmart and it makes you so hungry as you par-roose the It was very cold today but we still ventured out. Just so stinkin sick of being inside all day! AHH! We also went to Best Buy and poked around for giggles..they had this super cool Bose System with teeny little speaker that filled the store with music. Granted it was Toni Braxton but it sounded so good.. Only left with a CD..but it was good time out :)With me Dancing in the asiles emabrassing Miles...LOL
Madie has been ok today despite her seizure this AM...she was VERY constipated this week...has spent the majority of the day trying to poo..Poor kid. But tonight the Poo Gods came and while I was out picking up some Thai Food Hubster said she had her first Adult poo...LOL Sadly I wish I was there to see that!! Poor kid! Yes, Miralax every morning with her bottle but I am loosing faith in that stuff.. and I am fearing if I give her too too much we will have liquid diapers...Yeah Gross.. But its what is goin on. You know you wanna know. :)
Hubster has a cool rental SUV for work this week and I have enjoyed driving it..although a tad too big but nice stereo.. I have my heart set on a new the ol Civic in...tee hee. I just have no room for madies stuff..huge adaptive stroller takes up the whole trunk and is just too dang heavy to be lugging in and out of the car so I just leave it in the trunk.(what if someone stole my car??)

ANYHOOOOO Tonight we are just realxing.. no real news going on. Another freezing cold weekend and some snow expected next week...where is spring??
I am going to Dentist next month to get two fillings and possibly make an appointmet to get a crown on a 13 year old filling...other than that...pretty low key. Well I guess I better get the dryer running and madie fed and medicated.
(((hugs mamas)))


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the seizure. They are never good. Hope she feels a bit better soon. With the constipation, since starting keto we have found two things that unbind. One is mashed avocado. You can give that as a snack food even though the ratio is 4:1 but ask your own dietician to be sure. The other is a muffin in a mug made with flaxseed meal. I know she is not a big eater but if she will take a bite here and there you could try slipping it in and reducing a bottle if your dietician says its OK. We still do miralax too. Oh my, doesn'td miralax poop stink!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Sinead...I know I mentioned it before but I never did give you the name and Jamie's post just reminded me about it.

When Sophie was on the keto diet, they recommended George's Aloe Vera liquid ( You can buy it online and also at Whole Foods. Anyway, it taste just like water. It has no calories or carbs. It is suppose to help with constipation.