Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Stinker.

Ok SO we have changed her med to the Depakote "Sprinkles" since Sat....
EACH day she has about 2-3 horrible messy diapers! at 2 capsules in the AM and 2 at night Its just too much. I am working on getting that dose down. maybe I can empty half of a capsule and have one and a half? UGH. Dunno But the poop is floooowwwwing. and that is not like madie. she usually has the opposette in her diaper...LOL Golfballs!
Ok I know you dont need to know that...
Other than the red hiney and lots of cream...
Next weekend we will go pick our own pumpkin and get some cuties of madie in the patch! :) Ill take pictures thru our whole pickin journey. hee hee. We get a hayride to the patch too! Hopefully it wont be horribly muddy like last year!
Still smilin. Still hangin in there. Some cute fall pics from yesterday hanging out in the yard. School week last week was uneventfull no calls to come pick her up.
We have been so blessed! madie is also enrolled in the Backpack Program which offers her weekly packs of diapers and wipes and a 25 dollar grocer card for her pediasure (which she will be off of in a couple months..but still) Its so Awesome. We just bring her bag in each week and they fill it! :D! So Awesome!
Oh and Nutritionist appointment First week of Nov..(the 4th?) and we get the Diet going. Please keep that good Kharma and Good Prayers commin! Still seeing one big seizure a week..with small nagging ones thru the day. :( Cmon Keto!
Mama gets to go to her Physician tomorrow for a check up...ugh Totally dread going..I really need a fitness whatever happened to rollerskates? I loved that when I was a kid! Boo to Rollerblades! Have you seen my scars from that fall??? ha!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope her poop goes back to normal, or perhaps even a happy medium! :) I love her shirt, and she is adorable as always.