Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Pumpkins. :)

Am I aloud to brag? I know that sometimes when I brag I jinks things! So I will just say ONE good week DOWN. One day at a time. :)
It was about 65-67 degrees in CT today and windy! But the sun was shining for the first time in days (gets depressing) we went to the local farm and took a hayride to the pumpkin patch with Madie. :) She was not liking the sun in her eyes which kinda made for some tough photo ops...LOL

But we made it thru with some cute shots.The rest are on my facebook if you are my chum on there you can see the rest. :)
I have been on the edge of my seat lately with anxiety...I hate worrying so much about madie at school and her seizures..though I am so thankful that last week went smooth with no calls to come pick her up. I just hope that the good weeks continue and all I can do is like I say...One day at a time,

In other news.
Well My Miss Madison will be FOUR years old come Wed. FOUR! I think I am just making some dinner and a cake. No need to make a huge party out of it. Though Miles may be all gung ho on a BBQ... Eh... madie doesn't care.
As far as school goes I dont think I will make a fuss...madie really could care less if she has a party or Im sure she will come home with some goodies..maybe I will just send in cookies. dunno yet.
Its amazing how time has flown. Oh My Madie. The hopes and dreams I still have for you! Four Years Old already. Dunno what to think of that. She is still so behind her peers but at same time has come thru so much!

We have also been on her Depakote Sprinkles for about a couple weeks. The first week we had horrific diapers...we wont go into detail about THOSE.. BUt I insisted that it was just TOO much med. going to 2 capsules twice a I kinda just go and eyeball half a capsule along with one full one in the AM and still give her 2 at night...well wouldn't ya know it. No more bad diapers. ZING.
Could have very well been a stomach bug too...ya just never know. But she has been fine for a few days now sooooo.....(oo reminds me I have to call Htfd and tell them she is better) Things have been pretty good seizure wize...we have yet to begin the keto diet which is all ready to go as of Nov 3rd!! maybe we can nab these dang things in the BUTT! Still seeing some funny jerks here and there and I have a hunch sometimes an absence seizure here and there when she is all out of it. Could be med related too or sleepiness...
*sigh* If I look into it too hard my brain will explode! Oh wait, been there done that.
I think the Sprinkles work better than the liquid. Kinda doesn't hit her all at once. which is awesome for school days. I dont get as many reports about her taking 20 min naps anymore..:) I cannot say enough about how wonderful her school has been not only to madie but to US! They got her into what is called The Backpack program which each week fills a backpack of stuff that madie needs.. things to take the financial burden off of us. Last week we got a pack of diapers, wipes and two packs of pediasure! AND a bag of donated clothes! Some were so cute! some were ehh...LOL but I was overwhelmed!! I felt for the first time a small load off my back..hoping that this helps us not only with lower bills at Target and the Grocers but just more of a sense of security..not worrying about having ZERO dollars and madie needing shakes..
Even though she will be OFF her shakes in a month er so with the diet! :D! Wont Miss em! The smell begins to smell like Vanilla Vomit to me...LOL
Well I better get scootin. Madie is sure a giggle bug today. I Love these honeymoon days I used to call them when her seizures were really bad... But there has been more of those lately...the kiddo is feeling good. Now if only I could just sit back and enjoy...without being on edge about Seizures! AHH!!
have a great week everyone :)!!
(((hugs mamas))) and dads too :)

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Reagan Leigh said...

Such cute pictures! I love the piggies on her!